bacon sandwich with brown sauce on the side

It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and thanks to these five delicious recipes I’m coming around to the idea.

One of Jamie’s all-time brekkie favourites is the awesome Huevos rancheros, a Mexican pick-me-up that blows anyone away who tries it.

Jamie is a fan of chillies at most times of day, and now he’s suggesting it for breakfast, so we start with a pickled habanero salsa. That sits atop cheesy scrambled eggs, tomatoes, crispy fried beans and creamy avocado, with tortillas for scooping and mopping. Definitely a wake up call.

After that he has a cook-off with his mate Pete, whom he worked with at River Café. He’s done some features for us, including his amazing salt cod fish with artichoke chips. But today they’re cooking up something much simpler ­– the mighty bacon sandwich. Jamie grills his bacon and serves it in a bloomer drenched in bacon dripping, while Pete fries streaky bacon ‘til rigid, then fries the sandwich whole and serves it up with a mix of ketchup, mustard and chilli sauce. Full marks for effort, full marks for flavour.

What are your favourite breakfasts? We’ve got loads on the site to inspire you. So save the cereal for another time – here are five more breakfasts to get you out of bed.

Eggy bread is one of the most important breakfast inventions of all time. Keep it savoury and it’s great with ketchup or on the side of a full english, make it sweet and you’ve got French toast, add limoncello and you have this frankly ridiculous breakfast, topped with ricotta, strawberries and honey. One for someone you love on a special day.

This is a Scottish classic. Get some quality smoked salmon and you’ll be in for a real treat. It may seem like a lot of flour, but that’s what gives it that stodgy, hearty texture that’s so good with the light egg and salty salmon. It’s one of the best ways to start the day ever.

If you’ve overindulged the night before, it takes something really special to get you out of bed and get you feeling good again. I assure you, the smell of frying chorizo is that something special. And teamed with crispy potatoes, sweet roasted tomatoes, peppers and eggs it will be the most enjoyable hangover you’ve ever had.

These beauties aren’t just for vegans. They’re stacked with flavour and dynamite with the maple syrup (it’s just not a breakfast pancake without maple syrup). What I love most about this recipe is the little pops of juice you get from the tangy blueberries, which really lift the dish.

Jamie may have left the word “pukka” behind but he can’t leave this dish with it. It’s essentially the best bircher muesli you will ever taste, and the really cool thing about it is you make it the night before, so when you come down for breakfast it’s sat there waiting. It’s creamy, full of good grains and hearty stuff, and delicious with some fresh fruit on top.