stuffed baked squash with grains and veg

Looking for a healthy-guilt-free Thanksgiving this year? Then these super-vibrant, fruit and veg-packed recipes have got you covered.

With just a few simple twists on the traditional line-up, you can make this year’s feast lighter than the usual fare, for an extra-special Thanksgiving – without the extra naughtiness.

Beautiful beets are a brilliantly vibrant opener to any feast. Plus, they’re rich in nitrates, which may help to reduce blood pressure – winner. Roasted in wedges, they become soft and sweet – the perfect starter for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Based on one of Jamie’s favourite recipes from years back, this method really takes advantage of stuffing and slow-roasting the sweet, versatile squash. You get wonderful flavours exchanging in the centre, great textures, and the slices look amazing.

Keep your main meal fresh, and serve the turkey and roast spuds with a bright, crunchy winter salad. This recipe is super-delicious and is a great way to add a bit of vibrancy and extra veg to the Thanksgiving table.

Nut roast is the vegetarian’s turkey; some crave something different but for others it’s not Thanksgiving without one. This one, by Anna Jones is different: it has a mushroom risotto base and sticky cranberries on top, a bit like a savoury upside-down cake.

Crispy onions and white bean mash make a deliciously creamy base for this nutty, chunky roasted cauliflower. Serve it as a starter, or as a main veggie alternative to turkey.

A little sweet, a little savoury, these crispbreads have classic Thanksgiving flavours of cranberries and pumpkin. And they’re just the ticket for your cheeseboard.

To really keep things light, back away from the traditional baked desserts and opt for this mouthwateringly delicious sorbet instead. Bursting with the festive flavours of clementine and pomegranate. A few scoops of this will liven you up rather than leaving you feeling heavy and bloated.

For even more inspiration for a lighter Thanksgiving, check out our healthy Thanksgiving gallery, and to get ahead with planning for your next festive feast, get your hands on a copy of Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook.