Potato recipes - tornado potatoes

As the king of sides, the humble potato is one of the nation’s most-loved ingredients.

While there’ll always be a place on our plates for crunchy roasties, indulgent dauphinoise or creamy mash, there’s so much more to this versatile veg. From punchy salads and spicy curries to Spanish favourites and twists on classics, we’ve pulled together 15 delicious potato recipes to celebrate just how much the simple spud has to offer.

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A fragrant combo of ginger, garlic and toasted spices helps to bring potatoes to life in this Indian-inspired side dish. Serve with dollops of natural yoghurt and coriander for extra freshness.


Did you know that making your own gnocchi at home is actually seriously easy? It may seem to be a dish you should leave to the pros, but all it takes is cooked potatoes, flour and a little hint of nutmeg (plus a few minutes of elbow grease) to get your gnocchi tasting restaurant-quality, all from the comfort of home. 

Add Jamie’s gorgeous 7-veg simple pasta sauce and it’s a quick, easy meal the whole family will love.

For the ultimate in creamy potato comfort, layer up finely sliced potato, fennel and onion and bake in anchovy and garlic-infused cream until golden and bubbling. Delicious as a side on a special occasion, or for lunch with a big green salad.


Celebrate the king of new potatoes with this punchy salad. Using just a handful of ingredients, this simple summer side is on the table in under 20 minutes, giving you maximum flavour with minimal effort.


Bring a little elegance to brunch with these crispy potato cakes. Topped with smoked salmon, soured cream and soft boiled eggs, they’re a real treat.


Dust crunchy potato spirals with Parmesan, cumin, garlic and smoked paprika for a terrific twist on roast potatoes. Dipped in a lemony yoghurt, they’re a total winner.


Combine roasted new potatoes, pickled veg, fresh herbs and crumbled feta in this epic twist on a potato salad. Then try it with hasselback potatoes for extra crunch.


Mix potatoes and spinach with fragrant spices to make this simple saag aloo. Finish with lettuce leaves, cooling yoghurt and fresh coriander, drizzle over a garlic and chilli-infused oil and dig in.


Take classic roast potatoes up a notch by cooking with wedges of lemon, crushed coriander seeds and oregano. Crispy and citrusy, these spuds make a brilliant side for baked fish or a summer roast.


Celebrate Spanish flavours with this tapas favourite, Patatas bravas – beautifully fried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce. Serve the sauce on the side or, for a more traditional touch, pour over your potatoes and toss together.


These easy potato rostis are delicious served with a crunchy beetroot and horseradish salad. Great as a starter or light lunch.


If there’s one thing you want to master in the kitchen, it’s being able to rustle up roast potatoes that the whole family will rave about for countless Sunday roasts to come. This recipe is a foolproof way to get the best out of your Maris Piper spuds – the key is patience, giving your potatoes time to properly crisp up into the perfect tray of roasties.


Dark and gnarly, these balsamic roast potatoes will add a bit of drama to your dinner table. And be brave with the vinegar – it really works!


This dish is all about contrasts: hot and spicy potato is balanced with sweet mango and pomegranate chutney, fresh mint yoghurt and crunchy Bombay mix. Squash into a bun for a speedy supper that’s packed with flavour.


These crispy potato wedges are the ideal side dish, being suitable for almost any special diet and every occasion. Using baking potatoes, olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper, it’s the easiest recipe to perfect and your spuds will come out tasting even better than the shop-bought version.

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Watch Jamie make potatoes three ways in the video below.