mothers day card

Let’s face it, we’ve all been caught out with Mother’s Day before. Birthdays are easy to remember because they always fall on the same date, but Mother’s Day shifts around like a thief in the night, springing out at some point in March without any warning at all. Here’s my guide to getting through the day if, like me most years, you’ve only had about 24 hours’ notice.

Firstly, an excuse, however; Mothering Sunday’s origins actually have little to do with mothers. It started in the 16th century as a celebration for the whole family, when the servants of rich households would get a day off so the family could come together and go to their “mother church” – the largest in the area. Usually the servant children would work in a different household to their parents, so they would bring wild flowers for their mother as a gift to say they loved them.

Breakfast ideas

Now, I’m sure my mother would love some flowers, but if I were her I’d much prefer breakfast in bed – happiness is a leisurely breakfast! Now, that might be a push if you woke up in a cold sweat late on Saturday night, so if you don’t have time to get to the shops, try some store-cupboard staples – maybe some US-style pancakes or these breakfast ones. You have eggs, flour and milk… right?

mother's day

Another brilliant recipe I’ve just rediscovered from Happy Days with the Naked Chef is Jamie’s Breakfast eggy crumpets – great fun to make and absolutely delicious in the morning. Actually, they’re delicious any time, and if you have the crumpets already they’re a breeze to make and look really special.

If Mum’s having a lie-in, try being ambitious and getting a cake together. There are some really simple ones on our site that you can knock up using things from your or your mum’s/wife’s baking cupboard. I’d recommend the lemon drizzle cake for a bit of British class, or Jamie’s jammy tarts for some trashy nostalgia. Both are simple and use basic ingredients – the poppy seeds in the lemon drizzle aren’t a necessity (but they are very nice)!

Sunday roast

Because it’s Sunday it would be rude not to have a roast in the evening – and by then you’ll hopefully have had a chance to get to the shop. It’s lamb season in March, so go for his amazing roast leg of lamb – it’s really simple and includes the roasties, as well as a delicious mint sauce. If you’re looking for something a bit more daring, check out Jim’s Mother’s Day blog from last year, with a video of Jamie’s butchers doing amazing things with a rack of beef!

After that Mum will be so full she might not need to eat until next year. If you made far, well done; she’ll never know you forgot. Until your Mother’s Day card drops through the letterbox several days later.