Pappardelle recipes - wild boar ragu piled on a plate

Looking for new pasta inspiration? Say hello to pappardelle! Hailing from Tuscany, it’s a wide, flat, silky pasta that’s perfect for mopping up big meaty or hearty veg sauces. Whether you make your own or use shop-bought, the key – as with all pasta – is not to overcook it. It’s great for feeding a crowd, so try one of our five delicious pappardelle recipes below piled onto a platter and drizzled with good extra virgin olive oil, then let everyone get stuck in!

Pork and fennel is a winning combination, as proved in this surprisingly easy yet seriously good pasta recipe. Rustle up Jamie’s meaty sausage ragù, spiked with wine and chilli, then let it blip away while you get on with some with homemade pappardelle.


Making enough to feed a small army, this traditional Tuscan ragù is ideal for a proper Italian feast. The sauce – made with wild boar, red wine and juniper –  is full of bold, meaty flavours, and the homemade egg pappardelle makes it next-level. This is not your average spag Bol!


Featuring some of spring’s biggest hitters, this simple dish of broad beans, peas, mint and lemon is a great match for pappardelle. It’s super speedy too and works just as well with frozen beans. Don’t forget the extra pecorino!


Everyone needs a good tomato sauce recipe in their repertoire and this one – made with good quality tomatoes and red chilli – is one you’ll come back to again and again. Simply cut fresh lasagne sheets into thick strips to make your pappardelle – it’s the perfect shape for all that gorgeous tomatoey flavour to cling to.


There’s no need to miss out on the pappardelle party if you’re gluten intolerant. This brilliant recipe uses rice flour instead of traditional Tipo ‘00’ and works well with any sauce. Delicious.