Seasonal produce

Spring greens recipes - plate of green mac n cheese with knife and fork

Here’s a delicious list of spring greens recipes that make use of this tasty cabbage in loads of different ways. For midweek lunches or quick-fix dinners, why not try a 15-minute sausage gnocchi with a side of epic greens, a speedy veggie noodle dish or sweet potato curry with shredded greens. Or if you’re after […]

Best chard recipes - roast pork, creamy beans and chard on a plate

A lot like spinach or beetroot leaves, chard offers a fantastically earthy and lovely bitter flavour when raw; and a milder, sweeter, iron-y flavour when cooked. And you can eat the stalks, too. We love the fact that chard can be used to balance and contrast more mellow flavours and textures – such as butternut […]