A burger and salad on a plate, surrounded by more burgers and more salad

Looking for inspiration for your next barbecue or summer get-together? We’ve got you covered.

From old-school classics to veggie showstoppers, we’re bringing together the best bun-based recipes to enjoy this summer – and beyond!

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If you’re after a proper Friday night feast, treat yourself to this perfect cheese-topped delight. Made with tender oxtail and a dipping bowl of incredible gravy, this burger offers the best of Britain in a single bite.

For a South American twist on the popular veggie burger, Jamie pairs black bean patties with zingy salsa, juicy mango, creamy avocado and a shake of Tabasco. Who said fruit didn’t belong in a bun?

Feeding a crowd of varying appetites? These little and large burgers are the way to go. Switch up the toppings with every slider. Spicy mayo, ketchup, mustard – have fun with it. 

This incredible paneer and squash patty is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Sandwiched between coriander yoghurt, crushed poppadoms and a dollop of mango chutney, this vegetarian burger is an exciting way to divert from the usual. 

Buddy’s kid-friendly burger recipe is brilliant to make as a family. Let the kids choose their toppings and build their own burgers. Both delicious and a great size for children, Buddy’s BBQ burgers are the perfect summer-holiday activity. 

Making sustainable food choices doesn’t mean we need to cut out meat altogether. Instead, simply replace half the mince with some lentils, and you’ve got a hearty burger you can still feel good about. Finish off with cornichons, the ever-important Cheddar cheese, a layer of roasted red pepper and a touch of Dijon mustard. 

A veggie burger – but not as you know it. Even the most committed meat-lover won’t be able to resist these crispy tofu patties, served with a colourful crunchy slaw. High in protein, and totally delicious, this meat-free burger is a proper joy. 

If you’ve got little ones to feed over the summer, try these mini homemade beef burgers. Additive-free, made with pure lean beef and flavoured with onion, parsley and a sprinkle of Parmesan, kids old and young will love helping make these child-friendly burgers.

Place bacon rashers onto your patties and fry them with the juices of the mushrooms you’ve already added to the pan. Finish off with the best Cheddar you can find, shake over some Worcestershire sauce, garnish with a pickle, and dig in. This is a burger you need to saviour. 

Seasoned to perfection and made with ingredients you can trust, this vegan burger recipe isn’t just healthy, it’s an intense fusion of flavour, too. Serve with smoky, sweet potato wedges and salad for the ultimate feel-good food. 

Sticky onion chutney, creamy basil mayo and mozzarella-stuffed patties are the heroes in this glorious burger. Fire up the barbecue and count down the minutes till this beauty is on your plate. 

Oozy blue cheese and crunchy pear might not be what you expect to find in a burger, but who said you can’t switch things up? Melt blue cheese into your pork patty, toss your finely sliced pear in with your salad and assemble!

Fish-based burgers don’t get the love they deserve. Nathan Outlaw’s outrageously delicious seafood burger is a revelation. Cod, crab meat and king prawns brought together with a generous dollop of wasabi mayonnaise – need we say more?