An easy summer dinner - a plate of cooked salmon, green beans and boiled eggs cut into quarters.

From seasonal salads and chilled soups to veg-packed fritters and one-pan noodles, our easy summer dinner recipes will bring a bit of sunshine to your table.

No one wants to spend hours in a roasting kitchen on hot summer days, but that doesn’t mean that cooking needs to go out of the window completely. So we’ve chosen our top easy summer dinners that are quick to throw together and celebrate the very best this season has to offer, so you can make the most of the Great British summer.

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For the perfect summer salad, take inspiration from the classic Provençal dish ratatouille, and give it a lighter spin. Seasonal courgettes, aubergines, peppers and tomatoes are given the time to shine – and if you’re lucky enough to find courgette flowers, they top things off beautifully. Serve as it is as a side, or top with goat’s cheese or grilled meats for a satisfying main. 

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Juicy tomatoes, fragrant herbs and tangy feta combine in this quick fritter recipe from Jamie’s latest cookbook ONE. Everything is prepped on a board, and cooked in one pan, so there’s minimal washing up, and you’ll be ready to eat in 20 minutes. 

Five ingredients and 15 minutes is all you need to rustle up this easy summer salad recipe. Jarred peppers and frozen broad beans are both brilliant store-cupboard veg to have on stand-by when you want something simple and tasty so you can go out and enjoy the sunshine. 

Whisk yourself off to sunnier climes with this Sicilian tuna pasta recipe. Just 5 ingredients do a lot of heavy lifting here, so it’s worth forking out for the higher-quality tuna in olive oil, to turn a humble tuna pasta dish into something to get excited about. Crispy capers and juicy ripe tomatoes give this an edge, and create a pretty smart 15-minute dinner. 

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A chilled summer soup is the ultimate refresher on a hot day. The summery flavours of avocado, cucumber and lime work beautifully with the smoky tortilla chips, and a dash of tabasco and fresh chill provide a tangy heat – a swirl of yoghurt in the mix will keep things cool. 

Steamed salmon, soft-boiled eggs and a creamy yoghurt dressing combine in this clever 5-ingredient summer salad. Just one pan of water cooks all the elements with Jamie’s nifty cooking tips to help you save time, energy and space, so this gorgeous summer dinner is on the table in under 20 minutes. 


Lemongrass, lime, teriyaki, garlic and ginger provide a riot of flavour in this one-pan chicken salad from ONE. Crunchy veg & rice noodles with lime wedges to squeeze over. So easy, so tasty!

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