Easy picnic recipes - caprese salad with grilled peppers in a bowl

Enjoying a picnic in the sunshine is one of life’s great pleasures, and it’s so easy to throw one together at the last minute when you know how.

Picnic prep doesn’t have to be stressful – you can do it all the day before or throw everything together in under an hour. Our easy picnic recipes are simple enough for the kids to help, too. Get the little ones to roll up the blankets, wash fruit and veg, and help with weighing and stirring ingredients. Give everyone a job and you’ll be ready in no time. 

Our favourite easy picnic recipe ideas mean you can spend less time prepping, and more time picnicking! From perfect potato salads and puff pastry delights to speedy dips and portable salads, we’ve got everything you need to get picnic-ready.  

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No picnic is complete without a sausage roll! This sausage roll recipe is child’s play, and a total joy. Everyone will love Jamie’s flavour-packed vegetarian sausage roll recipe, too.  

Jamie ditches a homemade shortcrust for shop-bought filo in this delicious vegetarian quiche recipe from 7 Ways. Brilliant for making ahead and it transports really well, too – this is the queen of the British picnic. 

These cute veggie puff pastry tarts are great for using up leftover cooked veg and any odds and ends from the veg drawer. Get the kids to help – they’ll love loading them up with their favourite toppings. 


This joyful potato salad should be in everyone’s picnic repertoire. Tender new potatoes are the star of the show, simply tossed with a gorgeous herby vinaigrette to give them a helping hand. Watch Jamie make his perfect potato salad, 3 ways: 

A big claim, but we stand by it! This really is the best pasta salad recipe. Ripe tomatoes, juicy olives and fragrant herbs are the key players in this gorgeous summer salad – everyone will love it!

You can’t beat a bit of crisp salad when you’re picnicking, but they tend to go a bit soggy during transport. Dress this refreshing chopped salad recipe at the very last minute with a drizzle of orange juice or shake up a portable jam jar dressing.

A fun twist on an Italian classic, this speedy salad just screams summer. Pile straight into your tupperware to save on time and washing-up.


Yes, you CAN buy tubs of houmous, and there’s a lot to be said for the convenience of shop-bought dips, but this homemade houmous recipe is super simple and tastes incredible. Give it a go, and you won’t regret it.


Pâté is perfect picnic fare, and this easy smoked mackerel pâté is an absolute corker. It takes just seconds to whiz together and is a joy spread onto crackers. 

Pretty in pink and oh-so moreish, this vibrant beetroot dip will brighten up any overcast summer’s day. Delicious with rye bread, crackers or crunchy veg.


Inspired by the Pimm’s No. 1 cup, this cool, crisp, citrussy summer drink is a British picnic staple. This version is alcohol-free, so can be enjoyed by everyone – cheers! 

Capture the taste of summer in this gorgeous homemade cordial recipe. Use whatever berries you have to hand, and serve topped up with sparkling water (or your favourite fizz!).

If you prefer your picnics a little boozy, Jamie’s bellini from Together ticks all the boxes. He switches peaches for strawberries in this seasonal British twist on the classic cocktail. 

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