Easy picnic recipes - caprese salad with grilled peppers in a bowl

Packing a picnic is one of life’s simple pleasures, and it’s so easy to throw one together at the last minute when you know how!

We’ve rounded up our favourite easy picnic recipes so you can spend less time prepping, and more time picnicking. Think perfect potato salads, super-speedy dips, delicious homemade cordial and more. Enjoy!

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This 5-ingredient houmous takes just 10 minutes, so it’s a great one to whip up on the morning of your picnic. Serve with crunchy veg and breadsticks – or, if you’ve got a bit of extra time, make your own super-quick flatbreads.


No picnic is complete without this summertime favourite, and it’s super-easy to rustle up on the day. Take a look at our selection of recipes for inspiration, but feel free to mix things up and make it your own! And if Jersey Royals are in season, check out some of our favourite picnic food ideas.

There’s no need to plan ahead with this speedy pickle recipe. Simply cut up your choice of crunchy veg, pop in a jar with the pickling liquor, then shake up and go!

This recipe is proof that pâté doesn’t have to be a faff. Really simple to whiz together and super-moreish, this 15-minute pâté is a fabulous addition to any picnic.

Ready in just 5 minutes, this delicious dip is ideal for making last-minute. Spread on crunchy bread or serve with cucumber batons for next-level dipping.

Enjoy a no-fuss summer salad with this Greek-inspired classic. Straightforward, deliciously fresh, and ready to roll in just 10 minutes – you can’t go wrong

A fun twist on an Italian classic, this speedy salad just screams summer. Pile straight into your tupperware to save on time and washing-up.

To stop your salad leaves from going soggy in transit, leave these easy dressings in their jars until you’ve found the perfect picnic spot. When you’re ready to eat, simply shake up and drizzle!

There’s nothing better than a freshly baked scone – they’re a great vehicle for wedges of cheese, pickles, or charcuterie. If you’ve got a bit of time to bake these on the morning of your picnic, you won’t regret it.

Finish off your alfresco feast in style with these 5-ingredient cookies. These store-cupboard heroes need only 10 minutes in the oven – what a joy!

Humble, cheap to make and such a pretty little treat, these tarts are just as delicious with ready-made pastry. Pop in the oven for 15 minutes while you crack on with the rest of your picnic prep.

Capture the taste of summer with this stunning cordial – it’s great for using whatever berries you’ve got to hand. What’s more, it’s ready in just 20 minutes, so you can enjoy it diluted with water, soda, cava or Prosecco in no time at all!