Vegan smoky aubergine with chickpeas and salad

Vibrant veggies, sizzling skewers and flavour-packed burgers make vegan barbecues a joy to eat and celebrate, whether you’re a meat-eater or not.

There are so many vegan barbecue recipes out there to choose from, it’s super satisfying to knock up any number of the following dishes for your family and friends.

By using a range of cooking techniques to celebrate whole veggies, beans and pulses, it’s easy to create barbecue food that’s both delicious and naturally plant-based. Explore our favourite ways to embrace vegan-inspired meals on the barbie – from chargrilled veg salads, colourful fruit and veg skewers to grilled breads and burgers, you’re sure to find something you’ll love here.


A celebration of mixed vegetables that is the perfect centrepiece for any vegan barbecue. Get some music on, a drink in your hand and spend some quality time charring the veg. Just make sure to keep an eye on your various veg, it’ll be done at different times. Pure barbecuing joy!

Give these veggies some love on the barbecue then simply dress them in a punchy basil oil that is so straightforward to make. We love recipes like this that deliver on simple but bold flavours.

Sunshine in a bowl! Try charring corn cobs on the barbecue, then slicing off the kernels into a Mexican-style salsa with spring onions, ripe tomatoes and lime juice. It’s sweet, tangy and fruity – perfect for your vegan barbecue spread.

If you’re looking to impress your guests with your knife skills, why not give this one a go. Really simple to do and with only a few ingredients, this salad will perform beautifully in its supporting role.


Aubergine is one of the best veggies to cook over fire, steaming them from the inside while becoming intensely smoky. We love this recipe’s clever use of chickpeas – some crisped up, some blended to a smooth houmous. Naturally plant-based and naturally delicious.

For the serious chilli lovers out there, why not try this grilled chilli dressing. A tasty way to amp up the flavours of your vegan barbecue, it’ll work well with all the recipes here. Simply grill a bunch of chillies until sweet and juicy, then chop and mix them with fresh mint, lemon juice and good olive oil for an epic, spicy dressing – great for salads or marinating veg as they’re sizzling on the barbecue.

Be sure to try this aubergine and tahini dip that is famous all around the Levant. Smoky, nutty and rich in flavour, it’ll be a firm favourite with all of your guests.

A fail-safe homemade houmous recipe that will fit right into your vegan barbecue spread. So easy to do and super delicious to eat.


Mexican-inspired flavours are what give these burgers their edge. Take the humble (and sometimes overlooked) tinned black bean, add some fresh coriander and lime, and turn it into a new family favourite.

A great alternative to meat, mushrooms offer a similar texture and heartiness. Just swap the butter for a plant-based alternative and give these a go!

Bruschette are perfect for a larger gathering and a fun way to get your guests involved in building their own. This finely chopped topping is delicious warm or at room temperature, so you can get the cooking done nice and early. Whichever bread you choose, it is best sliced 1cm-thick, toasted on the barbecue, then rubbed with garlic and drizzled with quality olive oil.  

What better way to mop up all the lovely flavours you’ve created for your vegan barbecue spread than with these fragrant flatbreads. Crispy and blackened on the outside, fluffy and soft on the inside – need we say more?

Pizza works so well at a vegan barbecue because you can cater for everyone’s tastes. Simply lay out all your toppings (making sure to either omit the cheese, or use your favourite plant-based alternative) and let people get creative.


Skewering up different ingredients is all about using the assembly process as a way to mix an endless combination of gorgeous flavours together, then cooking over fire to add a beautiful smokiness. If using wooden skewers, remember to soak them first so they don’t catch alight.

Why not try skewering up a variety of fruits, then briefly cook on the barbecue? We absolutely love how a little cooking gives fruit an incredible juiciness – the whole family will love this one. 

For more summertime grilling inspiration, take a look at our pick of the best vegetarian barbecue recipes, or head over to our barbecue recipes section.


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