Large pot of rice covered with a layer of colourful sliced vegetables

Jamie’s new book Veg is packed with easy and delicious meals for everyone. They’re designed to leave you feeling full, satisfied and not missing the meat.

These veg recipes are tasty, comforting, simple and colourful. It’s about making vegetables the hero and giving them the same love and attention that you’d give a piece of meat, to create something incredible.

Here are six of our favourite veg recipes from Jamie’s new book


Jamie says: “I’ve used fresh basil and almonds here, but pretty much any soft herb and unsalted shelled nut combo will deliver very tasty results – whatever you fancy!”


Jamie says: “Sometimes I swap the feta for grated halloumi. Ribbons of courgette grilled with the aubergine are very nice, too.”


Jamie says: “You can have a lot of fun with this recipe by mixing up not only the veg you choose but also the curry paste.”


Jamie says: “Very finely slicing the veg means you can pretty much use any kind or variety – baby carrots, fennel, aubergines, beetroot – to really celebrate the seasons in a flamboyant way.”


Jamie says: “Look out for seasonal wild mushrooms in supermarkets and local farmers’ markets – they’re absolutely extraordinary and will add so much bonus flavour to this dish.”


Jamie says: “In the summer I grow most of these vegetables, and I’m always eager to pick, wash and race to cook this dish – the flavour is just incredible with tender, delicate veg.”

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