Tinned tuna pasta bake with a side salad

Like it or loathe it, tinned tuna is the store-cupboard staple that we’ve all got tucked away at the back of the cupboard. But there’s much more to tuna that a baked potato topping and our inspiring tuna recipes are so delicious, they could convert even the most hardcore doubters. This versatile ingredient is a good source of protein, vitamin B12, selenium and niacin, so you can make the most of a tin of tuna and give your body a boost, too.

From comforting pastas and simple snacks via a cheat’s poké bowl, we have everything you need to turn that tin of tuna into something special – and not a baked potato in sight! 


Tuna, anchovies, tomatoes and a zesty hit of lemon bring the flavours of summer to this pasta dish. A deliciously light lunch.


A real family classic. This tasty and affordable bake is also easy to put together, making it the perfect midweek meal.


If it’s good enough for the Sicilians… Capers, cherry tomatoes, oregano and tuna combine for the best pasta flavour makers in this five-ingredient winner dinner.


This super-easy snack takes minutes to rustle up, but it’s absolutely packed with flavour. Whip this one up to enjoy with crackers or a hunk of fresh bread, and it’ll be gone in no time.


Jamie’s twist on a classic dish from the Italian region of Piedmont – it’s totally retro and really delicious. Just take your time with the decoration – it’s worth it.


Inspired by Hawaiian poké (a dish of raw, marinated fish with seaweed, rice and coconut), this store-cupboard version uses tinned tuna, but you still get those fresh, vibrant flavours. Delicious.


Another super-simple snack that will get some good stuff into little ones. The marriage of tuna and cannellini beans makes this a creamy wonder – simply serve with crudités.

Hungry for more? We’ve got loads of tips for how to make the most of tinned food here.