• Jamie’s 5-day Veggie Challenge is all about celebrating the joy of seasonal, fresh and colourful veggie cooking. It’s about switching up the routine and discovering new ideas to make vegetables really sing. Plus, the clever meal planner guarantees you get at least five portions of veg and fruit on each day of the challenge.

    It’s going to be a super-fun week, with personal messages from Jamie to keep you going, and loads of opportunity to connect with other veggie challengers. Jamie’s written some amazing new recipes that he’s really excited about – plus, we’ve created your shopping lists for you. 

  • The challenge is a balanced meal plan that makes sure you include all the food groups and get the nutrients you need across the week. These nutritious, tasty recipes are designed to fit into busy schedules and are suitable for homecooks everywhere.

  • You pay just £2 for a whole week’s worth of recipes, including eight brand new veggie dishes created by Jamie. Jamie will also share loads of extra nutrition info and clever little tips info via exclusive videos and SMS.

  • To maintain an element of flexibility you will find a range of portions sizes across the challenge to accommodate a broad range of family set ups – please adjust to your needs.

    If cooking for less than stated for lunch or dinner, batch up and freeze extra portions for delicious meals on other days, or take leftovers for lunch another day. And if cooking for more than stated, scale up the recipes, using your instincts to adjust cooking times slightly, if needed.

    The ingredients in these recipes are all suitable for kids, but you will need to amend the portion sizes depending on your child’s age and any other dietary needs they have.

  • Sorry, at the moment we can’t personalise the recipes for special diets – however, all dietary information is clearly included on the recipe pages. In the meantime, you can find all our special diet recipes online.

  • For any enquiries about the challenge, email support@jamieoliver.com

  • Eating veggie is a great way to discover new flavours and skills. It’s good for the planet, good for your wallet and it can be really good for your health. Whether you’re a full-time veggie or have more of a flexi vibe, swapping out meat for fresh veg can mean you instantly reduce the amount of sat fat in your diet, which is good news for your heart, and for maintaining healthy cholesterol. Plus, with all that extra fibre it’s a double bonus for healthy digestion.

  • Yes, we’ve balanced the meal plan each day to make sure you get enough of each major food group. Plus, you’re guaranteed 5 portions of fruit and veg every day.

  • Yes! The recipes are written with every level of cook in mind. Plus, Jamie shares lots of tips along the way for best results.

  • All nutrition info is included for each recipe beneath the method.

  • You can ‘shop the ingredients’ for every individual recipe – using the online tool beneath the ingredients list. Simply select your chosen supermarket from the list, and the ingredients will be automatically added to your basket.
    Plus, we’ve combined everything you need for the whole week into one list. Just remember that some fresh ingredients might be on the turn if you buy them four days before you need them.

    Jamie always recommends buying the best-quality ingredients you can afford, planning ahead so you don’t impulse buy, and supporting local businesses such as butchers or farmers’ markets wherever possible. Going to the shops with a proper list is a brilliant way to make sure you buy less, and waste less – saving you money, too!