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As the new school year kicks off, it’s time to dust down the pencil case, break in those new shoes and get back into term-time routines.

We’ve rounded up six super little snacks to help you make healthy eating part of the school day. Have one of these fun and tasty treats ready when the kids get back from school and the thought of crisps or chocolate won’t even cross their minds!

Packed full of goodness and really filling, these delicious muffins are made with cottage cheese, mixed seeds, spring onions and either butternut squash or sweet potato – whichever you prefer. Make a batch and enjoy them for breakfast on the go, too.

So easy to make, this classic houmous recipe is a simple blend of chickpeas and tahini (sesame seed paste). High in protein, fibre and more than ten micronutrients – including a hefty amount of the mineral copper, which keeps hair and skin nice and healthy – this is a great, nutritious snack.

The best thing about making your own granola bars is you can decide exactly what you include. This recipe uses sour cherries or cranberries, along with apricots and dates. Once you master the basic principle, get creative with your favourite flavours, and get the kids involved, too.

Delicious mouthfuls of seeds, nuts, dates, cocoa, honey and warming spices – these little balls are the business! Great for a burst of energy after a busy day at school, and a handy little snack to pop into pockets or lunchboxes the following day.

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Have fun with a varied selection of veg (think baby carrots, long radishes and different-shaped lettuce leaves), then bring together with this gorgeously fresh mint, pea and yoghurt dip. Takes just 10 minutes to make, and even less time to eat!

If you haven’t already tried it, have a whirl at this roasted kale recipe. You won’t believe how sweet, nutty and crispy the leaves turn in the oven. Pair with mixed toasted nuts and you might be surprised at just how popular this super-green recipe proves!

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