Back to school pesto pasta in jars with labels

Boss your way back to school with our simple and delicious family recipes.

Getting back into the swing of things after the school holidays can feel like an uphill battle. But armed with a few fail-safe recipes, and a little bit of prep, you can boss school-run breakfasts, packed lunches, and we’ve got you covered with our after-school dinner ideas too. These family recipes will be a lifesaver after a summer away from the hustle and bustle of the academic year. 

So, get back to school ready with our simple and nutritious family recipes that can all be prepped ahead or batch-cooked, so you can feel ahead of the game.

Breakfasts on the go

Boss the school run by prepping a batch of muffins or a veg-packed omelette that can be eaten on the go. Failing that, have a healthy homemade loaf sliced on stand-by in the freezer, ready to toast each morning.

These lovely muffins are super filling, uses up stale bread lying around in your kitchen, and it’s a perfect way to pack your veg in. Dig in!

Ready in ten minutes, these breakfast wraps are the perfect start to your day and pair perfectly with your berries of choice. Top with toasted seeds for the finishing touch.

These breakfast pots are a life-saver when you’re running late. Throw it together before you go to bed, and grab it from the fridge as you head out.

Incorporate some vegetables into your little ones’ breakfast with this delicious omelette recipe.

Back to school lunchbox ideas

From veg-packed sandwiches to noodle and pasta salads, pack the kids off with a balanced lunchbox that will keep them going ’til hometime.

Light and delicious, this pepper and noodle salad is quick, easy and packed with vegetables. It’s a win for everyone involved!

Your little ones will be the star of the lunch-hall with these gorgeous green pasta pots.

High in protein and fibre, chickpeas are delicious little balls of micronutrients. Blitzed into hummus, they make the perfect snack for your kid’s packed lunch. Pair it with carrots, celery or breadsticks for a great lunch.

This salad sandwich is a great way to use up any leftover salad, but even better when fresh. Super easy and tasty, this salad-meets-bun is the ultimate school lunch.

The kids will love prepping this crunchy carrot goodness. Sandwiched in a wholemeal pitta, there will only be crumbs left behind when they get their hands on them.

After-school snacks

Prep a few nutritious snacks that will restore energy levels and keep the after-school slump at bay.

Marmite and pop-corn? A match made in heaven. This great low-sugar snack will keep the kids going until dinner time.

You can batch-prep these gorgeous sweet potato muffins for those tiring, post-school club evenings.

Don’t know what to do with your left-over cooked quinoa? Try out these delicious quinoa and kale muffins, the kids will come back for more!

These high-fibre, comforting oats fruit cookies are a Jools go-to. Try them out to see why!

These energy balls are super-nutritious and packed with flavour. Two balls per snack are enough for the energy perks and delicious taste.

Easy family meals

Cooking for little ones and adults isn’t always easy, so we’re turning to Jools for her brilliant, midweek family recipes.

Healthy, tasty, and even better the next day, give Jools’ fish pie a go.

Who could ever go wrong with a good old curry? Here’s Jools’ easy guide on the family classic.

Hearty, warming and a great one to store for later, this simple beef stew recipe is one every parent needs under their belt.

Another stew for another busy weeknight — this simple chicken and veg stew is bound to be a favourite after a busy day at school.

Introduce your kids to bolder flavours with this salmon recipe inspired by delicious Asian flavours like soy, mirin or sweet sherry.

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