Cheap & cheerful

A portion of green macaroni cheese made with frozen veg, topped with almond flakes on a plate, with the pasta bake tray and knife and fork in shot.

Beans, spinach, carrots and sweetcorn are firm freezer favourites, but did you know you can also get hold of frozen leeks, butternut squash, broccoli and avocado? It’s worth familiarising yourself with what’s in your supermarket, because it really does taste just as good as the fresh stuff and it has a much longer shelf life, […]

no-cook recipes

From beautiful salads and speedy sweet treats to vegan rolls and vibrant smoothies, we’ve put together a list of our favourite flavour-packed, no-cook recipes that don’t require a hob or an oven. These recipes can all be made with raw ingredients (some require you to boil the kettle, but that’s it) – just assemble the […]

Veg patties with a fried egg and a spoonful of tomato salsa

That means less planning, less shopping and minimal waste. With our 10 versatile ingredients you’ll be able to cook up jacket spuds & homemade beans, a tasty potato, pepper & broccoli frittata and smoky veg patties. Check out our budget-friendly recipe hub for more tips to save money, waste less and cook seasonal. Nothing beats […]

Tips for freezing food & being budget-friendly

Good food really doesn’t have to bust the budget — and even little changes to your routine can make a big difference. When food and energy prices are going up, we have the tips and tricks to help your stress levels go down. We have some great recipes for batch cooking, which is the gift […]