Jamie's open fire & camping recipes

Cooking over an open fire in the great outdoors is one of life’s simplest pleasures. So whether you’re off on a camping trip or just want to make something delicious in your back garden, we’ve got you covered.

You can whip up our easy camping recipes over a small gas stove, a barbecue or even an open fire. You won’t need much when it comes to kitchen equipment – a medium-sized frying pan, saucepan and wooden spoon will go a long way (just don’t forget the plates and cutlery!). 

Do as much prep as you can at home to make life easier; if you’re feeding a crowd, cook up a comforting veggie chilli, which you can easily reheat once you’ve pitched up in the perfect spot. You could also make a batch of sweet treats to keep you going on long walks: think granola bars, banana bread or flapjacks

From one-pan breakfasts to comforting meals that can be prepped ahead, we’ve got plenty of inspiration to make open-fire cooking flaming brilliant. Happy camping!

Gnarly, juicy sausages wrapped up in tortillas – these handheld beauties are perfect for an evening around a fire. If you’re making the cheesy mash, cook it up at home, pop it into tupperware and store in your coolbox, so it’s ready to reheat once you’re ready to eat. Serve with your favourite toppings and condiments – pickled red cabbage, onion chutney or American mustard all work a treat.

Need a simple snack or a fun recipe to keep the kids occupied? Cooking bread over a campfire is surprisingly easy and you’ll only need three ingredients to make it. Hunt down a handful of sticks, give them a good clean and you’ve got yourself rustic, homemade skewers. Once you’ve nailed the method, experiment with different flours – try wholewheat, rye or spelt.

Slow-cooked and with a delicious depth of flavour, this one-pan wonder sees your tin of baked beans, and raises you! Make a big batch before you head out, then simply reheat over a campfire or gas stove. Be sure to whip up some Campfire bread (above) for next-level dunking – a guaranteed hit with kids and adults alike.

Best cooked over a campfire or barbecue, this simple trout recipe is something special. As it cooks, the newspaper begins to burn, giving you a subtle smoked flavour and delicate, flaky flesh. To get ahead, make the stuffing at home and assemble once you arrive. Feel free to mix up the flavours, too – tomato, lemon and soft herbs are all delicious.

With no scales required and minimal ingredients these pancakes are ideal for a campsite breakfast. Ditch the blueberries for whatever is in season (or whatever you can forage!), or simply leave out altogether so you’ve got one less ingredient to pack. You could even make the batter at home, so you’re ready to whip up a stack of pancakes in no time at all.

Omelettes are fantastic for camping because eggs come in their own biodegradable packaging! Chuck in a couple of tomatoes, tear in your choice of soft herbs and you’re onto a winner. If you’re after a bigger breakfast, add a slice or two of bread into the pan to lightly toast while your omelette keeps warm alongside. Don’t fancy an omelette? Sunny side-up eggs will go down a treat.

Did someone say date night? Go all out for your first night under the stars with this epic duck dish – it looks super-impressive, but is actually pretty straightforward. Get ahead by prepping most of this before you head off. Make sure you marinate the duck and cook the quinoa the night before, then simply transport it in a coolbox.

You’ll be everyone’s favourite when you share this Epic hot chocolate! Make the mix at home and take it along with you in a large jar so you’re ready to go once the sun goes down. Just don’t forget to pack the marshmallows. Thread them onto a stick and lightly toast over the fire, ready to plonk into cups of steaming hot cocoa – bliss.

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