Chopping board with mashed butternut squash and sage for a delicious, healthy Thanksgiving recipe

Thanksgiving is often a time for overindulging, but for those occasions when you’re looking for nutritious recipes that don’t skimp on flavour, these vibrant, fruit- and veg-packed recipes have got you covered.

With just a few simple twists on the traditional line-up, you can make this year’s feast lighter than the usual fare, for an extra-special Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

The perfect alternative to a meat-based centrepiece, this recipe heroes the humble cauliflower, elevating it to show-stopping status. With flavours coming from anchovies, white wine and green olives, this is one dish that will have everyone coming back for seconds. 

Ditch the marshmallow this year and serve up your sweet potatoes extra crispy, with a maple and pecan yoghurt dip. They’re so easy to make and still satisfy that sweet tooth, so they’re sure to go down a storm with your guests. 

The mighty mushroom is really given a chance to shine in this stuffing recipe. And when teamed with toasted nuts, garlic and thyme, it’s a real treat. Perfect to serve with turkey or at your veggie/vegan feast.

This is such a fun dish to make and serve. Cook a whole butternut squash until soft, then cut in half and squish through nuts, sage, spices and whatever takes your fancy, really. So easy to make, even easier to eat!

Beautiful beets are a brilliantly vibrant opener to any feast. Plus, they’re rich in nitrates, which can help to reduce blood pressure – winner! Roasted in wedges, they become soft and sweet, and when served with horseradish, the flavour really zings.

Taking inspo from one of Jamie’s favourite recipes, this method celebrates stuffing and slow-roasting the sweet, versatile squash. Not only do you get wonderful flavours, but also great textures, and who wouldn’t be impressed being served one of these slices?

Keep your main meal fresh, and serve the turkey and roast spuds with a bright, crunchy winter salad. This tasty recipe is a great way to add a bit of vibrancy and extra veg to the Thanksgiving table. It’s lovely with any leftover cold meat, too.

For those veggies whose Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without a nut roast, then this one’s for you. This recipe by Anna Jones has given the traditional dish a twist – with a mushroom risotto base and sticky cranberries on top, it’s a bit like a savoury upside-down cake.

Crispy onions and white bean mash make a deliciously creamy base for this nutty, chunky roasted cauliflower. Serve it as a starter, or as a veggie alternative to turkey.

A little sweet, a little savoury, these crispbreads have classic Thanksgiving flavours of cranberries and pumpkin. And they’re just what your cheeseboard needs.

This wintry salad is packed with the good stuff. The crunch of shredded Brussels, zing of lemon, sweetness of dried fruit and aroma of fresh herbs make it a real winner. Plus, wild rice adds extra fibre to your meal. Serve this as a side salad or make it into a main.

Looking for healthy dip ideas for holiday season? Look no further than this recipe. Roasted aubergine is teamed with ginger, chilli, garlic and curry spices to deliver a riot of flavour. Perfect served with crudités, or corn tortillas.

Too full to finish your meal with the traditional baked dessert? Then you need this refreshing sorbet, bursting with the festive flavours of clementine and pomegranate. A few scoops of this will leave you feeling satisfied without the bloat.

A colourful non-alcoholic refresher for your Thanksgiving spread, this drink celebrates seasonal ingredients – pomegranate and ginger. Staying hydrated has never tasted so good!

On Black Friday, tuck into this flavour-packed salad – it’s a brilliant way to boost your plant intake while using up leftover turkey. The combo of pomegranate, caramelised nuts and yoghurt really brings this salad to life. Delicious.

For a lovely brunch the day after Thanksgiving, whip up these savoury pancakes, which also makes the most of any leftover squash or pumpkin. Finish with an extra grating of Parmesan and serve with rocket for a flavour-packed mouthful every time.

For even more inspiration for a lighter Thanksgiving, check out our healthy Thanksgiving gallery, and to get ahead with planning for your next festive feast, get your hands on a copy of Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook.


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