large squash growing in garden

As summer’s heat simmers down to more of an autumnal glow, all sorts of gorgeous British ingredients come into their own.

Early autumn is when classic hedgerow fruits such as plums, damsons, blackberries and elderberries are at their best. It’s also the beginning of the wild mushroom season, as well as the time to enjoy native nuts such as cob nuts and chestnuts. Autumn arrives gradually across the UK from south to north, so depending on where you are you’ll see these gems arriving from as early August into late September.

Here are a few of our favourite seasonal treats to enjoy in September.


Keep it simple with this awesome Plum sorbet, which really highlights the gorgeous natural flavour of this lovely British fruit. Or take it up a notch and whip up a batch of Dutch baby pancakes with roasted plums. Also known as German pancakes, these fluffy little desserts are almost like sweet Yorkshire puddings!


The magical combo of plums and duck is no coincidence – ingredients often naturally go together with other food that’s in season at the same time. Tuck into this winning Crispy duck with fire-roasted plum sauce to see what we mean! Or indulge in some truly autumnal vibes with this Duck ragu and homemade pici pasta.


Squash, pumpkins and gourds are allotment royalty at this time of year! This gorgeous Squash, sage & chestnut risotto is a bowl of comforting loveliness, while this Squash mash with sausage Catherine wheels is perfect for weekend treat.

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