kale recipes - slices of green omelette on a chopping board with carrot garnish

Leafy green kale is the ultimate “superfood” veg – it's delicious, versatile and a great source of vitamin A, which helps to keep our eyes functioning properly.

These are our favourite kale recipes that hero the veg in a variety of brilliant ways, be it roasted into a healthier alternative to crisps, stirred into a stew for added nutrients or served with a runny egg for serious flavour. Kale is a popular leafy alternative to spinach, chard and savoy cabbage, so feel free to mix up the greens you use in these dishes, depending on the season and what you have to hand.

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With just a little oil, salt and spice, you can make a healthier alternative to crisps in a matter of minutes. Perfect for beating the mid-afternoon snack attack or for serving as a delicious nibble at parties.

Like most leafy green veg, kale is more versatile than we give it credit for. Roasted with sesame seeds and oil for deliciously crisp, nutty results, this Asian-inspired recipe is great on its own or as a healthy side dish.

Blitzing kale into a powder is an easy way to sneak some green goodness into kids’ – and adults’ – diets. Combined with ricotta and roasted squash, this slightly sweet number is sure to be a big hit with the little ones.

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Wintery greens, like kale, are the perfect sidekick to pork’s saltiness. With fennel seeds, a hit of chilli and citrusy strips of lemon zest in a sweet tomato sauce, this is a flavour-packed comfort dish.

These kale and quinoa muffins are a brilliant healthy snack to batch-bake for the week ahead. Simple mix the bulk of your ingredients together and bake in muffin cases until golden brown, then finish off with perfectly ripe avocado and a sprinkling of chives.

This is a quick winter supper that’s perfect for using up any odds and ends you’ve got leftover in the fridge. Spiced with cinnamon and cloves, it’ll keep you feeling festive well into the New Year.

With salty chorizo, crunchy croutons and a gorgeous runny egg to top it off, this is an indulgent but epic way to pimp your kale.

Oozy, salty and slightly creamy, this pasta bake is comfort food at its best. With fresh oregano and pecorino, it’s full of fresh, delicious flavour.

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This super noodle ramen is like a massive hug in a bowl – using both dark and white miso paste, it gets the balance between sweet, hot, salty and sour spot on. Kale is roasted here for lovely crunch to finish off a hearty broth.

Embrace kale this winter and see how many more ways you can take this super-versatile and tasty green. You can find out more about kale in our Vegepedia!