Fish & seafood

This selection of Jamie Oliver fish pie recipes will show you just how epic you can make this humble family favourite! FISH PIE The classic. This method is super-easy because it uses a box grater to finely shred all your veg instead of chopping it up. No messing around! CURRIED FISH PIE A Buddy and Read the full article…

South Korea has staggeringly low obesity rates – just 6%, compared to 25% of obese Brits. With seafood being a major part of the South Korean diet, Jamie paid a visit to the famous Haenyeo ‘diving ladies’ of Jeju island, who free-dive impressive depths to catch their seafood bounty by hand.

Without a doubt, salmon is one of our favourite fish, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s easy to cook, incredibly versatile and totally delicious. We asked seafood expert Bart van Olphen to spill his secrets for creating show-stopping salmon dishes.