smoothies flat lay with fruit scattered around the glasses

One of the easiest ways to include more fruit and veg in your diet is to blitz it up into a super-tasty smoothie! Frozen fruit is a handy time-saver, too – you can bag up perfect portions of your favourite recipes and then simply throw the ingredients into the blender when you need them. A balanced smoothie is a great breakfast option, so why not kick off your mornings with these winning recipes?

Adding porridge oats make this smoothie even more satisfying. We also love the warming ginger – perfect for a bit of extra get-up-and-go in the morning!

Banana, mango, coconut milk, cardamom and lime juice – this is an awesome tropical combo. The little twist of black pepper is an unusual touch, but it adds a lovely subtle warmth.

This vegan smoothie recipe uses almond milk – go for a non-sweetened version to keep the sugar levels down. The fresh passion fruit flavour is brilliantly refreshing.

These two smoothie recipes from Jools are great smoothie bases which can also work well frozen as lollies. Choose between the mixed red berry recipe, or the mango, passion fruit and mint smoothie. Both are delicious!

Green, orange, purple and white – these four smoothie recipes cover a rainbow of fruit and veg. Take your pick between spinach and apple, pear and blueberry, mango and orange, or almond and honey!