Careers at Jamie Oliver Ltd

Jamie Oliver

His passion for food is at the heart of everything he and the business does. We are a team of hard working, dedicated people from a variety of industries and professions that come together to really make a difference to people's lives through food.

Meet some of the team...

  • Cabell Hopkins

    Cabell Hopkins

    Fat Lemon - Executive Producer

  • Amba Bottrill

    Amba Bottrill

    Personal Assistant

  • Matt Wood

    Matt Wood

    Facilities Co-ordinator

What we look for...

Our group values talk about the way we like everyone in our group of companies to approach everything they do at work. They’ve been inspired by Jamie’s approach to food, cooking and life in general. This is what it’s all about:

  • We put food first

    We put food first

    We focus on sustainable and inspiring ways to help everyone eat well and be food smart.

  • We raise the bar

    We raise the bar

    We embrace both creativity and commerciality in our work and want to inspire those around us to do bigger and better things.

  • Keep it simple

    We keep it simple

    We are direct, we ask questions, we stay focused on our goals and we remain accessible to everyone.

  • We give it our all

    We give it our all

    We embrace new opportunities, we work hard, we get stuck in and we aren't afraid to get our hands dirty to make a difference.

Why work for us

Great Working Environment

After a month working for this amazing brand, our lovely People & Development team come and hang out with you to find out how it's all going. Most people say the same things though – that it's a lovely, lively place to be and that everyone is really friendly, kind and interested in them. They say it's been hard work, but they’ve got an amazing variety of things to do and that above all they've really enjoyed themselves.

Top Opportunities

We really believe in recruiting people into junior roles and then helping them to grow with us. Some incredible successes include the Receptionist who became Jamie's PA, the PA becoming an Senior Digital Strategist and the Facilities Runner who ended up as Food Team Assistant. Where will your journey with us take you?

Real Purpose

We're all here to help improve people's lives through food in many different ways. Not only by producing great books and TV shows, but also through our Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, where staff around the businesses become ambassadors, working with everyone to support and promote the many projects from Fifteen to School Kitchen Gardens. There’s a real purpose to working here compared to slaving away to make massive profits for some faceless corporation!

Brilliant Benefits

We recognise that everyone here works super-hard, so we offer a great set of benefits all designed to make life easier and less stressful. We try to help people get together over lovely food and drink whenever we can. We aim to help everyone stay as healthy as possible, to keep their stress levels down and to reward them for giving it their all.