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#141 Sat 13 Jun 09 1:59pm


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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

i do have to add. how ever good you can cook dont ever get to cocky. my wife use to work at a resturant where i live here in germany. the owner/cook and his wife run the place. he as won 2 europen cooking awards in the past. well he was talking to me one day about cooking and to make a long story short when i had orderd what i wanted it was a he got pissed becuse its a "simple low class dish that his waiter could make" well when i got it i sent it back. he used sugar insted of salt. it seems that he forgot a few things any one can make a mastake, anyone has a bad day. and yes the simplest things are allways the easyest to mess up. but do to his aditude i havent been in the place sence 5 years. i sapose when i want the dish done rite ill just go to my lower class cooks that can get it done rite  smile

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#142 Mon 20 Jul 09 2:10am


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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

thanks a lot for your tips! I'm only 14 but I really like to cook and I always watch your TV shows and read your books (I have only one because I didn't have the oportunity to buy others). I'm Brazilian and here we can't "work" at the restaurants when we have less than 16 years. But I'd really like to practice and learn more and more about cooking. I'm seriously thinking of going to Europe and getting into a gastronomic course, when I'll get older. I know that I still have to learn a lot, but I hope that one day I'll can be a chef. Is there anything that I can do to learn more but doing stages at restaurants?

ps: If there is any English mistakes, don't worry! I haven't finished the course yet.  lol

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#143 Thu 06 Aug 09 5:24pm


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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

To Jamie - Thank you. Those are inspiring words.

I'm working hard, trying my best, and I've finally gotten a break. I recently got hired to work in a culinary store, where they host demonstrations and even stated that once I become familiarized with their method of cooking, I can host my own demonstrations. There currently is no culinary program that I can join at the moment, however, one will open up next year so I have to tough it out then. As of now, I'm absorbing all the information, stories, and tricks of the trade from the owners of the place. It really is my lucky break that they decided to hire me.

My other obstacle in this business is that I have to avoid several food items due to allergies, which also has me nervous of participating in a culinary school due to getting ill but that's a chance I'm willing to take. I want that degree and, by all means, I'm going to get it when I do. I want to succeed. I want to cook and nothing will stop me.

This is my first time here and I hope I can absorb the floating passion and determination presented by other cooking desperados as well. I look forward to speaking with you all and engaging in extreme conversation.

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#144 Thu 08 Oct 09 1:29pm


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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

Hi jamie, loved the american series, was very original, honest and i think its the best thing youve done.. it gave a good insight into cooking in different areas of the states, some fantastic scenery an places and great people..my name is russell britton from stafford..i have been cooking for about 15 years.. i have had a book published " recipes to seduce"..kind of a lifestyle book for guys..its not making me rich an famous an its only selling about 5 a quarter..but i'm very happy with it..i had the idea to write a book for a few years..but i had two shoulder operations two years ago and so as not to waste my time whilst sitting around and recovering..i wrote my book...i had a knee op last week and i'm going in for spinal surgery tomorow..so i think its time for my second book (he he).. i'm going to be out of action for 3 months or so.. but when i'm better i will be back cooking again..i got made redundant from my Uk Sales Managers position last christmas.. so this year i have been earning a living cooking in various restaurants in stafford area..italian is my favourite.. i'm not trained as a chef at all..but i took my book and my enthusiasm along for interviews and manage to get jobs cooking..so anybody can do it really.. all the best russ x

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#145 Thu 08 Oct 09 1:33pm


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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

Hi Russ,

Best of luck with your surgery and your upcoming book. smile

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#146 Mon 19 Oct 09 7:25am


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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

hi jamie
this is international management from South korea.
our clients really want to working with you as THEIR COMAPNY TV commercial model.
if you need some more information , please reply me.
i tried contact you other way, but it is not easy to us. so i found it is.
i hope we talking about our job.
please reply  me.
shownal smile

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#147 Tue 08 Dec 09 9:41pm


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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

Dear Jamie,

my name is Cyrille Leclerc and I work for a Language School in Bournemouth, when are you going to open a Jamie's restaurant here?
In fact, I was wondering if you were interested in creating a Language School Section welcoming International students to work in your new restaurants opening in 2010.
We do train students for specialised English such as business, medecine, accounting...why not cooking? Ma perche? I know you mention French culinary language but following your programme Jamie's at home on TV, I wondered wether you'd be interested in talking about this project, especially if you open many restaurants in UK

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours Sincerely,

Cyrille Leclerc.
www.rlc.co.uk   yummy

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#148 Mon 15 Feb 10 3:25pm


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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.

I have always wanted to be a chef, it was always my dream.
My problem is my husband is in the RAF and we have a young baby, I can't find any colleges close to me who run a course sutible for me, I did find a college who can offer a National Diploma In Catering And Hospitality but when I called the education Authority to get help with childcare they told me they would only pay if i get a foundation course or above and they wouldn't fund a National Diploma only a Higher National Diploma.
We live in the middle of no-where with only one pub who sells food nearby and I don't drive
Myself and my Husband cannot afford the childcare costs so I can't pay for the baby to go into childcare without the Goverments help.
If I get a job over 16 hours the Goverment will pay for childcare but I know that I won't be able to get a job as a chef without any qulifications.

I have tried EVERYTHING I can to get me to my dream of being a Chef, I even applied to the RAF as a chef but was denied as I have asthma, it seems I keep hitting brick walls and I refuse to give up on my dream.

What other options do I have?


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#149 Mon 15 Feb 10 9:17pm

Poor Old Al

From Melbourne, Australia
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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

I whacked this into google:
"cooking training by distance education". 607,000 hits.

I'm ex RAAF, so I find it hard to believe there is no form of assistance available on base.

If you need to work a minimum of 16 hours to qualify for childcare, why not get any old part time job so as to get the childcare and juggle your time?

A good old fashioned babysitter?

Talk to one of the Padres?

Wives association?

Flexible study?

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#150 Thu 11 Mar 10 4:12pm


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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

Hi everyone,

I joined the site today and this is my second post so ya, lol.

I've been a fan of jamie for a while , i like his charasmatic cooking style and his way of teaching that is very inspiring.I'm 20 years old and planning to attend a Culinary Managment cource at my local college in Ontario ,Canada. Growing up , I like cartoons , but I liked watching cooking shows even more.I find cooking to be an awsome thing , it's the freedom to create and experiment.I'm not sure where it will lead me but it's something I know that is worth pursuing.Anyway thanks to Jamie for being an inspirtation eh.

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