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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?

Okay ----I'll bite-----I don't like it----I'll eventually get used to it but it's going to have to grow on me!! And still no Pukkatron---I'm starting a petition soon tongue

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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?

I am geting used to it knew that there would be a but roll ..
I find it a problem that the names of the threads are not at the tops of each page...please Bob stick the name back as i do get so muddled lol

other suggestions... whistle now this is a good one this time..the edge of the page is surrounded by a sea of grey hearts..perhaps the edge (is this what is called the  wallpaper?)anyway..perhaps the edge could be changed with the seasons or for things like christmas..could we have little green chrismas trees for christmas please ,maybe red hearts for valenines..well you get the drift. big_smile

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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?

I have to confess to being slightly purturbed at the loss of the original Guardian thread.  We started it in response to recipes from JO's Italy - many of which we tried.  It led to some good chatting.  Any way you could restore it?

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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?


Why does the old RSS Feeds do not work ?
The link on the new webiste "RSS feeds" has no feeds links  oops


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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?

Hello one and all! Well believe it or not this is the first time i have posted on the new `style` forum since leaving you lot for the summer  and like mercs I felt a little `confused` to say the least....not one for change i guess!! hmm
  but after playing around with the site i think i am grasping the new layout! It can only get easier i`m sure! xxxxxx big_smile

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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?

Don't know if it's been mentioned before but is it my imagination or are the titles of threads missing? It's not a big problem except when people put half their question in the title.

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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?

Hi guys,

We've been really busy here. I'll see if I have time to get some of the simple requests done e.g the title of the threads (for the time being they'll be on the top browser bar). I will also have to look into the thread subscription.

Oh, the bold is using bbcode:



wave for now

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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?

Thanks Eric, we know you are kept very busy  smile

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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?

Have to try it out right away
This is cool

Thank's Eric  big_smile

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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?

me too!


it works!!

Ladyred, how did you get the colours?

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