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#1 Mon 15 Jan 07 3:24pm

nicky nacker-nocker

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apricots made my bottom explode


i have an embarrassing confession and seeing as this is all a bit anonymous on here i feel like i can confess to you all

to put it bluntly i suffer from constipation. a friend of mine at xmas said to eat dried apricots. so i got a little tub of them from this health food place and ate the lot

well after about half an hour all hell was trying breaking loose in my bowels. i was in a really long and boring meeting that was dragging past 6pm, and all i could do to keep control was to cross my legs, tense my bottom cheeks and pray nothing forced its way out

when i got a 'comfort break' i  dashed to the loo and something like hiroshima exploded down the u-bend, and my poor stomach was groaning all weekend (i just about made it home without pebbledashing my knickers) and thank the lord no-one else was in the next cubicle... i think

on the plus side, my motion (scattered as it was) was nice and dark - which i hear is a good thing

but not so sure the whole botty bomb thing was quite right

is it just me?

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#2 Mon 15 Jan 07 4:03pm

Elvis Parsley

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Re: apricots made my bottom explode

I once drank a half litre of Muller Strawberry yogurt which had much the same effect apart from;

a) I was in the garden

b) I didn't run fast enough

This was a long time ago though.

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#3 Mon 15 Jan 07 4:08pm

young mum

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Re: apricots made my bottom explode

lol  lol

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Re: apricots made my bottom explode

lol  lol I recently bought a bag of dried apricots and got rid of all the junk food.... literally! I almost chocked on my tea reading your posts, lol!

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#5 Mon 15 Jan 07 7:49pm


From switzerland
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Re: apricots made my bottom explode

lol  lol  lol (sorry for laughing when I read your post...)

When I was a child my mother told me to not eat too much of this dried abricots!And that good child I was,I never made your experience....

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#6 Tue 16 Jan 07 3:03am


From Adelaide, OZ
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Re: apricots made my bottom explode

lol  lol  lol   I don't suffer with this problem .. so far I have been able to eat anything in any quantity and not be placed in an embarrassing situation like this.   lol

Very funny .. makes me think of that scene in the first American Pie movie   thumbsup

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#7 Tue 16 Jan 07 11:19am


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Re: apricots made my bottom explode

I usually just eat a couple of prunes.

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#8 Tue 16 Jan 07 11:24am


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Re: apricots made my bottom explode

I had a shocking experience years ago after eating a huge lentil salad the night before and then going down Lewisham market in the morning.

No disaster, but I had to waddle home like a penguin!!  oops

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#9 Tue 16 Jan 07 2:33pm


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Re: apricots made my bottom explode

A watermelon and lime freeze does it for no other...icky but it really is a colon cleanser.

Just blend up fresh watermelon,ice cubes,fresh lime juice and a bit of honey,then sip it,lie back and watch the fireworks...exploding downward of course... puke

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#10 Tue 16 Jan 07 3:24pm


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Re: apricots made my bottom explode

Hmm - "We have liftoff" big_smile

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