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Help !!!!!!! Carrot Cake

Made from Jamies new book last night, did exactly as recipie says and the middle was just gooooooo......  help

Cooked for 50 mins as stated and some more....

Can someone help....????  Plz   help

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Re: Help !!!!!!! Carrot Cake

I had exactly the same problem.  Followed the recipe to the letter and cooked it for just over an hour and it was runny in the middle.  Cooked it for another three quarters and it did kind of set but was really dense in the middle.  Ended up throwing it in the bin sad
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance (hoping this wasn't my first and last cake)

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Re: Help !!!!!!! Carrot Cake


I only made the carrot cake once so my advice is not that expert. But I can tell you what I did:
Actually I used a bigger cake tin than jamie says in his recipe. don't know the exact masses but it was a heart-shaped one and therefore neither very deep (more surface, less deepness so that it can bake through better).
Maybe you also have to make sure that when you grate the carrots they don't go watery and remain crunchy, so use a very sharp grate.
And last but not least: the cake is supposed to be very soft, so don't worry too much if it is not properly cooked in the inside.

hope that I could help!

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Re: Help !!!!!!! Carrot Cake

Use a different recipe?

This one's excellent. … rrot_cake/

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