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#1 Sun 04 Feb 07 4:59am


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where is jamies food range stocked


newbie here. i live in australia, and curious to know if jamie's food range is available in australia, or if there are any plans for it to be? if not would love to know where it is stocked in the UK as i will be there soon.


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#2 Sun 04 Feb 07 10:09am


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Re: where is jamies food range stocked

I am pretty sure I saw some bottled sauces in Target in the city.

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#3 Sun 04 Feb 07 7:29pm

Mrs Gibba

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Re: where is jamies food range stocked

If you're in the UK, head off to a Sainsbury's supermarket

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#4 Mon 05 Feb 07 12:37am


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Re: where is jamies food range stocked

It's exclusive to David Jones apparently - beware it is very expensive so don't have a seizure when you see it.

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