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1st Birthday Cake!!!!!!

Hi all!

Jo here posting from down under - ex northern bird turned Sydneysider! Hope all is well ......

Need HELP!!   help My little girl turns ONE in a couple of weeks and i have never baked a cake in me life!!! shocked really want to make a kick ass one to give me super parent status at playgroup!! he he he mrgreen  Anyone??? Shall i do do a spongey thing and decorate it????????????? help

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Re: 1st Birthday Cake!!!!!!

Yeah.... they are easier....

I did a pink pig for my daughter when she turned five... and a train for my son when he was little. You can decorate with lots of lollies and sweet stuff as well... send them all home sugar loaded and high.... I tended to choose the easier ones that didn't need lots of cutting and shaping.

You could buy the Womens Weekly book of kids Birthday Cakes.... it is fantastic and a valuable asset if you want to cook your own birthday cakes... especially for kids. It's yonks old, but I think still around.

When you want to ask or exchange recipes, it's better to post in the recipe swap section of the website. You are more likely to get responses and replies. The crew here are great and very helpful..


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