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spanish school dinners.


ive been following the whole school dinners thing with great interest ever since jamie highlighted the issue a few years back, partly because i am a chef but mainly because i have kids, one who has dinner at school and one who will do in a couple of years time.

however, i live in spain and i must say that generally i find the standard of food at my daughter' school to be quite good. its not perfect; burgers, pizza, chips and deepfried foods do all find their way on to the menu, but not every day.

in fact the kids do get a salad on a daily basis, plus two hot courses, and a healthy dessert, usually fresh fruit or yoghurt (occasionally jelly or ice cream).

the point is there is a balance, between the stuff they like and the stuff thats healthy, with the latter being the more common, and while i think there is a little room to make more effort to create 'healthy food they like', on the whole im quite happy.

we even receive a menu every month that details each day's dinner, with a nutritional breakdown of the calorific value in each meal. handy because it means i dont end up cooking the same thing as school and if today was pizza i can make sure she gets a healthy supper. i would post a copy if it was possible, although it is in spanish...

anyway, just thought id chip in with my tuppence worth, feel free to comment...



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