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Eggs poached in Salmon (not with, in)

OK, so my brother got married on the weekend and we ended up at a posh hotel. Breakfast saw one person order scrambled eggs wrapped in scottish smoked salmon, and I thought 'How would that work with other sorts of eggs?'

Fried egg? Nope, can wrap it


Poached? Could work.

BUT, I wanted to go a step further and try poaching the egg in the salmon. Thankfully I had found a method to poach the perfect egg, and so the answer was obvious. And here it is,

Fill a medium saucepan with boiling water and bring to a rapid boil.

While that's happening get a small glass dish or cup and press a large piece of clingfilm into it (large enough to tie later)

Place two thin slices of salmon (the cold stuff you get in flat-ish packets) over the bottom of the clingfilm.

Pull an egg out of the fridge and crack it into the dish.

Add a little salt

Wrap the clingfilm up and tie it so it makes a bag.

Turn the hob down to simmer

Drop the egg in.

Poach as per usual, adding an extra 2 minutes to your normal preferred time.

Serve how you wish. I just did toast. Next time I might try serving it with bacon or Sarrano ham as well if I'm not in a rush (which I was).

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