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Student Cooking - Ultimate student food & experiences.


Pretty new to the forums. Im a student myself, and after a hard days lectures   thumbsup cooking can be either the last thing you want to do or a right laugh. On a tight budget and wanting to keep washing up to a minimum I can find it tempting to just eat junk.  But coming from a home where we rarely ate pre-prepared food I try hard to cook properly at Uni.  Its good chance to 'bond' ( code word for grab some cold ones from the fridge )with housemates and do some shared meals which means spreading the cost and the work. We have some of our most memorable moments in the kitchen and it has lead to some good house Jokes. 

I thought a thread where people in similar position could swap some recipies or stories would be quite good. Sorry if there is a topic like this out there, but had a look and nothing obvious I could see.

Thought I would kick start things with a recipie for a hangover cureing smoothie, not strictly cooking but close enough to start.

-2 large bananas ( every student buys bananas dont know why?)
-A mug of  red, seedless grapes.
-Mug of Milk.

I tried to use things & ingrediants we always have on the counters in our kitchen.
(if you have it but not essential some melon goes well in this too)

Whack the bananas and grapes in your blender or whatever you use and make it smoooooth. and then the ice and milk , same again.  This has been a life saver on many an occasion enjoy.

Look forward to everyones replys.   smile

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Re: Student Cooking - Ultimate student food & experiences.

I'm not sure anything could cure the hangovers I'm treated to!  roll

In addition to this thread, I'm putting forward my Mum's Frankfurter Chilli. It tastes great, but there's always a fight over who gets the most frankfurter pieces!



Frankfurter & Chilli Bean Pot

Serves 4

1 tbsp sunflower oil
1 large onion, sliced
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tsp mild chilli powder
pkt frankfurters (12)
bottle passatta (or two tins toms)
small tin baked beans (optional)
14 oz can red kidney beans, drained & rinsed
black pepper

1.Heat oil in a large pan and fry onion and garlic until soft.  Stir in chilli powder* and fry for 30 seconds. 

2.Cut frankfurters in 1½” lengths and add to pan with passatta, baked beans (if using), kidney beans and black pepper.

3.Bring to boil then reduce to a simmer.  Cook gently for 30-40 mins.

4.    Serve with rice.

* Best to stir in ½ tsp, see if it’s hot enough then add remainder.

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