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What am i eating No 10 petition

OK so I probably know what your thinking, petitions never change anything
and I probably agree. However most petitions are anti something and offer no
alternatives they simply register a negative vote. This petition is simple,
it asks the Government to look at the labelling of food and in particularly
meat products and bring some clarity to it. I believe this is a more
important issue than might first appear, I believe the public have the right
to know very clearly:

1) where did the food came from (not just where was it packaged)
2) what meat cut is it actually made from (e.g. mechanically recovered)
3) what welfare standards were applied (the likes of 'Farm Fresh' on packets
have no legal meaning and often mislead).

The Government has said it will look at this at some point, but with wars to
fight, taxes to raise, and initiatives to launch and re-launch it has never
quite found time. If they can be persuaded to move it up the agenda it will
allow individual consumers to choose what they want and what they are happy

We will see four benefits

- reduction in food miles
- improvement in welfare standards
- ability for farmers producing high quality high welfare local products to
clearly state this and gain the rewards
- producers will have to be completely honest about their product, this will
not mean the end of low cost foods but people will be clear in what they are
or are not paying for.

If you agree sign at the attached link and pass it on.

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