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What goes with what?


I am new to this forum.  I wondered if anybody has any good ideas.  I am planning a dinner with friends and would like to make Jamie's 'My old man's superb chicken' from the book 'Happy Days with the Naked Chef'.  Can anyone make a suggestion what would go well with this meat dish?

It is chicken filled with a combination of mushrooms, wrapped with pastry, with a grainy mustard, whine, cream sauce, drizzled with olive oil.

Help, help yikes

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Re: What goes with what?

Well, I think it sort of depends an the rest of the meal. Are there other courses? If you have a starter and a dessert I would suggest only a salad maybe and definetely some bread to soak up the sauce. With your chicken dish. If it's the only course you're serving you might need a little more than just bread. The salad might still be a good idea, but I am not sure about the recipe for the chicken - would it go with pasta or gnocchi, or would that be too much with the pasty. Maybe a mash? - not plain potatoes but maybe suet or squash or celeriac or a combination of either of them with potato? Or oven roasted rosemary potatoes? Grilled vegetables (then no salad)?

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