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Vin Jaune?

Does anybody have a good recipe with Vin Jaune question  This is a very nice sort of wine I have bought in France (Jura), which can be used perfectly to cook with. However, I do not have a clue how to make something with this wine. And since I want to surprise my boyfriend  big_smile on his birthday (30-3) with a stunning dinner, I really need your help help . So, if you have a good recipe or idea, please inform me. Thanks in advance smile

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Re: Vin Jaune?

i hadn't heard of vin jaune before but this recipe for coq au vin jaune looks killer..
http://www.france-property-and-informat … -jaune.htm

. i love coq au vin  and this wine with morels would be an interesting thing to try.

hope this helped.

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Re: Vin Jaune?

Thank you very much  thumbsup . It looks indeed as an interesting recipe smile and not to tough.

If anybody has other options/experiences with vin jaune recipes, please let me know.

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Re: Vin Jaune?


800g potatoes,
150g morels,
4 tablespoons creme fraiche,
3 whole eggs,
3 egg yolks,
150g grated Cheddar cheese,
3 tablespoons chopped chives,
200g green beans,
200g carrots,
150g petit pois,
50g butter,
3 tablespoons Vin Jaune,
salt and pepper.

peel and quarter the potatoes and boil in salted water until cooked. Soak the morels for an hour in cold water then cook gently in a little butter. Drain and puree the potatoes and add the creme fraiche, beaten eggs and egg yolks, grated cheese, chives and seasonings. Cook the beans and the carrots, cut into batonettes, for 2 minutes in boiling, lightly salted water. Butter a loaf tin and place a layer of potato mixture in the base. Follow this with a layer of green beans, carrots, petit pois and morels before repeating until the tin is full. Sprinkle a few drops of Vin Jaune over each layer. Finish off with a layer of potato mixture and dot the top with the remaining butter. Cook for 40 - 50 minutes at 210コ C (Gas Mark 6 - 7). If the terrine appears to be browning too quickly, cover with foil. Let the terrine cool and then place in the refrigerator overnight. Serve in slices with a tomato coulis.


1 free range chicken of 1.4kg,
200g morels,
200 ml Vin Jaune,
500 ml Creme Fraiche,
150g butter,
2 tablespoons Olive oil,
500 ml mushroom stock.

Wash the morels and leave to soak for a few minutes. When they have filled out a little, rinse them one by one under running water and dry well. Cut the chicken into 8 portions and brown gently in a frying pan with half of the butter and the olive oil. When the chicken is browned add the Vin Jaune and mushroom stock and cook gently for about 20 mins. Add the morels and the creme fraiche and check the seasoning. If the sauce is too thin, thicken with a little corn-flour. Meanwhile wash and peel the jerusalem artichokes and cut into discs. Brown in the remaining butter and cook for about 10 mins on a low heat. Serve garnished with fresh herbs and thinly sliced carrots.


Ingredients :
12 crayfish,
80g butter,
40g flour,
1 teaspoon tomato concentrate,
1 onion,
1 carrot,
1 shallot,
1 garlic clove,
1 litre water,
20cl Vin Jaune,
2 egg yolks,
20cl fresh cream,
salt and pepper.

Remove the small black gut from under the crayfish tails.
Chop the carrot and the shallot.
Fry in butter until the mixture browns.
Add the garlic clove and 2 tablespoons of flour.
Add 20cl of vin jaune.
Leave to cook for 10 minutes.
Remove the shells from the crayfish and simmer in the soup for 30 minutes.
Strain the mixture.
Mix the two egg yolks with the cream. Place the soup in the tureen.
Blend in the egg yolks and cream. Garnish.
Serve very hot, with or without croutons.

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