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Re: The worst thing i've eaten this week!

Dave - of course!! we shall have to carry out essential research  wink

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Re: The worst thing i've eaten this week!

Did anyone else from here in Oz see that doco on sweets on SBS this week, it was really good... went on about the big candy empires vs the small handmade choc makers, abit about the choc contribution to the war efforts in the past 100 years & how the choc makers havent taken on maple syrup in any serious way...

Also a mention of a hard cinnamon candy with a bitter choc centre, sounds very interesting & nothing like it has been seen here in Oz... they are a Canadian thing I think... anyone know what they are called?

Dave, you are a brave man, sticking that in your mouth lol  puke

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Re: The worst thing i've eaten this week!

They are called Chicken Bones!  Not a very appetizing name but they are yummy lol .  Google them - they are  made by Ganong.

Hope youare feeling better soon.

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Re: The worst thing i've eaten this week!

Huh. Cambodian here, and I've never heard of Chicken Bones! Can't say that I'm persuaded by the pic to try them. But ... (at risk of this becoming the 'best thing eaten all week') I'm happily, hopelessly addicted to Buderims, 'Gingerbons' - Aussie confection with a smart little kick. The sweet heat of ginger in one chewy mouthful. Sort of like the supreme satisfaction that the one-bite brownie delivers. Oh God, yum. Move over Panda licorice.

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