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ostrich killers are guilty of animal abuse, but what about the owner?

July trial for accused ostrich killer
By Michelle Durand

One of two men accused of fatally shooting an ostrich named Gaylord while drunkenly trespassing at a Half Moon Bay ranch on Halloween night will stand trial in July on felony animal abuse charges.

Timothy Andrew McKevitt, 19, pleaded not guilty to all charges Friday and was scheduled for jury trial July 16. Meanwhile, McKevitt remains free from custody on a $25,000 bail bond.

By the time McKevitt heads to trial, his co-accomplice Jonathan Michael Porter should already be serving his potential sentence. Porter, 20, pleaded no contest to felony animal abuse in return for no prison and up to a year in jail when sentenced March 29. Porter also pleaded no contest to being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was on probation for grand theft in March 2005. He remains in custody in lieu of $25,000 bail while awaiting sentencing.

The pair was arrested Nov. 7 after confessing to the owner of the ostrich about trespassing on a ranch south of Half Moon Bay in the early morning hours of Oct. 31. The two told the ostrich owner they left a party and wanted to see the three ostriches on the property.

Prosecutors claim the men went with a group of drunken friends to see the ostrich the first time and then specifically returned with guns by themselves later that night.

The men told Gaylord’s owner Karen Schmidt they were attacked by the startled ostrich. One man suffered two broken ribs and the other suffered scratches to his arm. Fearing for their safety, the men fired seven shots from a shotgun and a rifle.

Schmidt tracked down the pair on her own and turned them into the Sheriff’s Office after declining their offer to replace the ostrich.

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It is true that the killers are guilty of animal abuse.
But what about the owner. What he did to the ostrich is far greater crime than killing.
He should be prosecuted for animal cruelty for naming the Ostrich GayLord!

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Re: ostrich killers are guilty of animal abuse, but what about the owner?

lol that is an interesting take on the story

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