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Range Cookers

I've had a quick look through posts to find something on this topic and came up with the interesting thread on "induction verses gas" but I wondered if anyone has advice on electric verses gas ovens. I was brought up with gas and my first 2 cookers were gas. I then moved to a place that had electric and now have a Neff fan oven with a conventional 2nd oven. I'm thinking of changing the kitchen and using a significant amount of the budget on the cooker. I fancy a range cooker and have looked at Rangemaster, Falcon and Lacanche. The Lacanche comes highly recommended from friends but I find the oven sizes on the small side. Rangemaster appears to give a lot for the money but the finish and accessories are perhaps a bit cheap. The Falcon looks very good to me but I don't know whether to go for all gas or the multi-function plus fan oven option. Also considering the "Continental" as it saves the best part of £1000 although the lack of a separate grill might be a nuisance.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Think I would go for the gas hob as I do quite a lot of wok cooking.



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Re: Range Cookers

Gas for pure functionality is better than elec for hob cooking, but elec is the way forward for oven cooking (IMHO), I think another thing to consider is the price and supply of gas (certainly in the UK anyway).

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