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#1 Wed 14 Mar 07 12:19pm


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hello from Romania

You are the best,Jamie!i want to tell you this because it's the true...i don't speak or write very good in english,but i hope to understand me...i work in romania,in a city call Focsani,at the restaurant Garden pub...ok..it's not really a pub,you know...but for the moment it's nice..i'm a cook,but after i see you what you do in the kitchen,i really ask my self: I'm a cook?!.
Ok,you have the chance to live and work in another country,you have what you want to do everythings in the kitchen,here in Romania,we don't have this chance,maybe in Bucharest,at the big restaurants,it's better,but in a small city like Focsani...it;s hard to find all staff for the kitchen...
   I read your book,:"At table with Jamie",it's nice...really nice...I like this book..
  for the moment i finished here my mes.,and i hope that some day you write me some words...Thank you !

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#2 Thu 15 Mar 07 5:16pm


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Re: hello from Romania

Razvan,  Welcome to the forums!! smile

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#3 Thu 22 Mar 07 1:48pm


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Re: hello from Romania

he frate,se pare k nu esti singur!bine ai venit in forum.nu te lasa de gatit e cea mai faina arta din lume.pusi smile

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#4 Fri 23 Mar 07 2:32pm


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Re: hello from Romania

Welcome to the forums Razvan!  smile

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