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#1 Sat 17 Mar 07 9:50am

Chef Kenneth

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Paella Contest in the streets of Valencia, Spain

Hello All

Sorry that i havn't posted anything for quite a while. Im still working in Valencia and at the end of November last year i returned home for a month and a half holiday doing absolutely nothing and just parking off on the couch and going on the piss etc.....a nice long break.

Now at the begining of 2007 i returned back to Valencia to start working again for my final couple of months(4months) that i have left here.

On the 15th of March there is a massive festival here in Valencia called Las Fallas. The locals go mad and blow up fire crackers from 6am straight through to 6am. 24hours a day for 4 days straight. They have statues built out of wood which are burned down on the 19th, there are hundreds all through Valencia. its an amazing festival.

Last night i was entered into a Paella Contest which was taking place in the streets of Valencia. There where 50 stations and 8 people per station so there where over 400 people. Last year i took part and out of 50 i came 25, this year i got 6th place. it was amazing, i got a case of Spanish wine for my achiement.

For me, Paella is difficult to cook in the streets because you dont have a gas stove where you can control your tempreture, you just have a fire burning, and if your flames are to hot then you must pull out logs etc. So its hard to keep your tempreture at a good heat, thats what makes it so interesting.

I had a laugh, because im South African and i like to cook with wine, and when the Spainish people looked at me throwing wine into my Paella, they went balistic. They couldnt believe it, until they tasted it!!! They where amazed.

After the cooking of the Paella we basically started the night off, we moved on down the road and there was a beautiful firework display which lasted 30min.

My end of my night came when i was too liquered up and decided to sit down and completely missed the chair "too much wine and beer"

But all in all, it was a great contest and good fun.
Take care all
Chef Kenenth

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Re: Paella Contest in the streets of Valencia, Spain

Any chance of posting the recipe......????

big_smile  hmm  wink

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Re: Paella Contest in the streets of Valencia, Spain

I think paella's quite easy to cook; as long as it's not for the Spaniards who will always tell you that their mother's recipe is the best, so you've done bloody well there!

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