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Growing herbs (from a successful non-expert)

Amberpamba (plz excuse spelling) mentioned about growing herbs in answer to a question I placed in the gigantic Jamie at Home thread.

Since my response is already buried, here, for what it's worth is what I posted:

Amber, thanks for your response.Beets are not one of my favourite foods (too many memories of tinned, sliced beetroot, I guess).

Whilst, I don't pretend to be a gardening expert, I know that many herbs prefer "poor" soil and that that enhances the intensity of their flavours.that's the condition that many grow in in the Mediterranean.

We have really sandy, well drained soil. I just cover the herb garden with 2 weeks worth of Sydney Morning Heralds and junk mail (it keeps down the weeds- haven't time or inclination for weeding) and cover with heaps of mulch to keep the water in when I want to replant.With strict water restrictions in Sydney, they are lucky to get a "sprinkle" of water (except the parsley, mint and chillies) "once in a blue moon" plus the occasional rain.

Have given herbs to friends as presents and they have given them lots of TLC and they have died.

If your herb garden is "sad" and you have little to lose, try being lean and mean with them. Just remember they like well drained soil (mainly) as they don't like having wet feet.

Pity we can't have the interesting variety of veggies that they have in the Nthn Hemi. Must check out that "Diggers" site for olde worlde seed/ heritage varieties.

Hope this helps!

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