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hay my name is Massimo Cvek i am your big fan.Iam going to school for a cook and iam  traing to be the best cook ever.I have two of your books and thear are fantastic,i like your idia about the bad food.We in the school prepare good food a loot of vegetables,fisch,meet oll helthy food.Our school is one of the best cooking schools in croatia,and im glad that iam going in that school.I hope that you are going to answer because i need a loot advice abaut a loot of things.If you dont i will write agen.

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that email address you have quoted is the email address for the people who send out the books from this website

please use the contact address given on the contact page for getting in touch with Jamie's office

Enquiries, P.O. Box 51372, London N1 7WX

Please also read the sticky post here about contacting Jamie:

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