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#1 Thu 22 Mar 07 11:34pm


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Jamie at Home

This has got to be the best show on TV yet!!  Love Jamie's garden and how lucky to have a gardener like Brian. 
Only one problem...I get so involved watching the show and reading all the bits in Jamie's gardening book, I never get to write any recipes or garden tips down!!  Surely this TV series is coming out on DVD (please, please, please)  and what a fantastic book it would make as well.  If anyone has any inside info...please let me know.

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#2 Fri 23 Mar 07 9:53am


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Re: Jamie at Home


glad you're enjoying the show

take a minute to look around here and read the sticky threads already here in Leftovers and in the Recipe Swap thread where there is discussion on Jamie At Home...





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