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#1 Wed 18 Apr 07 11:43pm


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Sorry to hear about the serious trouble at Mum's and Dad's place.  I hope that the people involved are all okay, as I know from personal experience how frightening an assault can be.  Please pass my regards to all involved, and I hope that your reward will bring those involved to justice, as my assaulter is now facing.

God speed to you all at the Cricketers Arms, and as we say in Herefordshire, "don't let the b*****s get you down"! All the best!

Liz Childs sad

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#2 Thu 19 Apr 07 6:29am


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Re: Sorry

???????? What???? I must have missed something

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#3 Thu 19 Apr 07 8:50am


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#4 Thu 19 Apr 07 3:36pm


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Re: Sorry


It´s really sad that things like that happens yet.

The only thing to say is I´m sorry too.

Jamie, trust in God and let the life goes on....He knows everything in our life....



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