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#1 Fri 20 Apr 07 7:53am


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Jamie @ Home - Tomato Ketchup - Recipe anyone????

Hi everyone,

Did anyone manage to write down the Ketchup recipe that Jamie made last night on the latest ep of Jamie At Home? He used it on the steak and my girlfriend and I wanted to try our hand at making our own.

If you wrote it down, I would very much appreciate a copy!

Thanks heaps!
Missylib  big_smile

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#2 Fri 20 Apr 07 8:04am


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Re: Jamie @ Home - Tomato Ketchup - Recipe anyone????

Sorry I was to excited by the Chilli Jam - Jamie needs to devote a whole book to his accompaniments - he has also in the past made a great Spicy tomato chutney that I would love to get my hands on....

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#3 Fri 20 Apr 07 10:42am


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Re: Jamie @ Home - Tomato Ketchup - Recipe anyone????

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