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cheap foreign meat in school dinners


Does anybody know anything about where the chicken and other meat comes from that's in school dinners? I read somewhere that most of it comes from abroad, even places like Thailand??

Is anybody else worried about this? Where does the stuff come from? I don't want to stop my son eating it but i hate thinking of him eating it as well!


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Re: cheap foreign meat in school dinners

Do not why you are wooried about chickens from Thailand- Thailand is the only Country free from the bird flu virus. Britain, allegely, has the worst record on chicken rearing, than anywhere else- factory farming, large uncomfortable sheds- so say the media- and apparently organic chickens are bred from factory farmed eggs. Many schools do not have chicken on the menu or at least very infrequent.

I would not worry about waht is the the school meal- this is so regulated and controlled to meet strict health and nutritional standards.


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Re: cheap foreign meat in school dinners

Well, if the kids are fed beef from overseas they are practically guaranteed it wont contain BSE.

Arthur - Australia and New Zealand are also free of the birdflu virus as well as BSE.

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Re: cheap foreign meat in school dinners

Yes it's true that schools serve meat from outside of Britain and the EU on the grounds that it is cheaper. Often it is difficult for LEAs to negotiate a British supplier due to cost being such an important issue.

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