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Caviar Gnocchi Recipe - Please Help to Improve!

Hi, Everybody!
I'm trying to improve a caviar gnocchi recipe I'm developing in my kitchen.
The potato gnocchi recipe is ok, I have loads of good ones.
The problem is the filling. What I've tryed so far is this:
I saut├ęd some minced garlic on a little bit of olive oil with just a tad of butter, seasoned with salt and black pepper, added the juice of one lemon, some dry dillweed and a cup of heavy cream. Then, I combined the cooked gnocchi, turned off the heat and added the caviar (of course, I'm not using Beluga or Sevruga here, just that much less expensive caviar you find on the duty free shop at the airport...).
I find that the cream gets too thick and, therefore, the dish becomes far from being light and delicate. I thought about replacing half the cream for fish stock or white wine... Any suggestions?

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Re: Caviar Gnocchi Recipe - Please Help to Improve!

Well, that sounds fancy!!

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