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My trip to Brussels/Thank U Sabs!

first of all, I'd like to thank you Sabs for your info on Brussels. It has been most useful. smile

We had a wonderful time. Our hotel was near Luise avenue so I did a lot of window shopping (and a bit of shopping too! wink )
We followed your advise and visited Wittamer's patisserie where we had some really nice ice cream. We also visited Wittamer cafe where we enjoyed a light lunch (quiche with courgettes and tomatoes for me, noodles with shrimps for my husband). Then, we bought some pralines and macaroons from both Wittamer and Marcolini. They were both splendid but we liked Marcolini's more. We also had some excellent tarlettes at Le pain quotidien. Zavel is a very nice neighbourhood and it's a pitty that its square is used as a parking lot. hmm

As far as museum are concerned we visited Musees Royaux des beaux-arts (beatiful building), Centre belge de la bande dessinee, a German painters' collection at Bozart and many churches.

We tried to have lunch at In't Spinnekopke but unfortunately it had already closed and wasn't open until 6 o'clock so as we couldn't wait we ate at Aux Armes de Bruxelles. Their shrimp croquettes were really nice. My husband had a dish with three different kind of fishes which was nice but I had chicken vol au vent which didn't like. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner at Belgo Belge at Ixelles but the best food we had was definately BELGA QUEEN's thumbsup
The atmosphere of the restaurant was fantastic, and the food absolutely superb as you said. As starters we had puff pastry with shrimps, fried monk fish cheeks, mushroom sauce and pan fried fois gras and also ham with mixed herbs and some kind of tomato and hazelnut relish. For main course I had meatballs with tomato and pear/apple syrup sauce and my husband fish with wild mushrooms and potatoes (excellent!). For dessert we had 3 kinds of sorbet (mango, lemon, fig) and an ice cream with a children's Belgian sweet  (I don't remember its name but it had a raspberry taste). (As you can tell we love ice creams! wink ). Everything was mouthwatering!

So, thank you once more for your help!

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Re: My trip to Brussels/Thank U Sabs!

Hello Celiak!

So good to hear that you both had such a fabulous time!
Hmm, I hear you about the Zavel and the parking! That is Brussels for you. sad
Yes ,vol au vent can be a tricky thing... .
Good good that the Belga Queen was such a sucess. The whole experience sounds really delicious.

Aiai, shopping at avenue Louise. wink

Lovely that you visited the Bozar and the many churches, there are some real treasures to explore.

I was glad to be of assistance, do give a shout if I can help you out with other questions.


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