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#1 Fri 18 May 07 9:04pm

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Storage of fresh strawberries

Fridge or work top? Which is best.

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#2 Fri 18 May 07 9:11pm


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Re: Storage of fresh strawberries

I tend to keep them on the work top, as they never hang around for too long before being eaten.  Also, like tomatoes, I think they should be at room temperature to taste best.  I rinse them and pop them in a basket lined with kitchen towel, having the absorbency and the breathability of the paper and basket seems to prevent the ones underneath going soggy too fast.

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#3 Sat 19 May 07 2:30am


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Re: Storage of fresh strawberries

I put mine in a Tupperware fridgesmart container in the fridge if it is for a few days. They keep well then.

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