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#1 Tue 22 May 07 6:03pm


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Recipes for Uni Students

Does anyone (or Jamie) have any fast to cook recipes for Uni Stutdents. Would like to spend less than 30 min over the stove. Thanks

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#2 Tue 22 May 07 11:27pm


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Re: Recipes for Uni Students

I have a wonderful little book by a French professor called "Meals in ten minutes". His theory is that anyone can prepare a full meal in 10 minutes, starting from scratch. Unfortunately, we are moving house, and it is already packed sad

Here are the tips I can recall.

As soon as you come in, put a pan 1/2 full of water on the stove, along with a heavy frying pan - you don't know what you are going to use it for yet - just do it. Also, preheat the oven to 200C - it might be useful.

Have a  stock of frozen veg, like peas, sweetcorn, spinach, bezns etc in the freezer - all these cook in boiling water in less than 10 mins.

Buy thin cuts of fish and meat - they cook quicker. Mince is also good for quickly stir frying.

Get a wok (this is my advice)

Leran how to cook meat on a very high heat, searing it at a high temperature, and briefly.

Prepare in advance - in the morning, think what you need for the evening - and make sure you have whst you need.

Get a microwave (my advice - its cheap, great for defrosting, and will cook frozen veg in less than 3 mins - just put the veg, with1 tbsp water, in the microwave, cover and cook on high for 3 mins).

While you are cooking today, prepare for tomorrow.

Fish is fast - never needs more than 10 mins cooking.

Salads are quick - 10 mins prep and no cooking - just make a dressing.

Plan ahead - shopping only needs 1 hour a week - if you spend 1/2 an hour checking what you have, and deciding what you need for the next ten days.

Get a slow cooker, and learn to use it. Just sling the ingredients in the cooker, set the temperature (high or low), and leave it cooking all day - your food is ready when you get in in the evening.

Clear as you go - or make an arrangement to cook for someone who wil clear after you - its just as quick to cook for two as it is to cook for one.

I'm sure I could come up with other tips,but that's enough for now!

I'll ask my daughter - she organised the cooking for herself and 5 flatmates while she was a student, and reckoned she could only afford 30 mins a day - specially since she paid her own way through uni by working evenings (in restaurants)

As for details - cooking quickly is not so mch a recipe, more a way of life!

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#3 Wed 23 May 07 9:35am


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Re: Recipes for Uni Students

GeoffP wrote:

As soon as you come in, put a pan 1/2 full of water on the stove, along with a heavy frying pan - you don't know what you are going to use it for yet - just do it. Also, preheat the oven to 200C - it might be useful.


GeoffP wrote:

While you are cooking today, prepare for tomorrow.

If you cook rice, potatoes or pasta make more. You can put the extra rice in a stir fry the next day, reheat the pasta in a new sauce, fry or mash the potatoes the next day.

If you have a freezer, freeze pasta sauces, one pot dishes etc - just make a big pot instead of just a small portion, then freeze the rest in individual portions. Next time you want it just take out of the freezer the night before or in the morning and reheat when you get home.

When you cook meat one day - chicken for example - make one extra and slice it up over a salad the next day.

If you have an oven, you can use refridgerator buns for leftovers, too. Just take the dough for a bun, punch a whole in it and fill with leftover stew or bolognese sauce or whatever. Bake until done. (instructions on package of dough). Add a salad and make it a wholesome meal

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#4 Sun 27 May 07 1:01pm


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Re: Recipes for Uni Students

There's a very good book from the german publisher GU. It's a spechial book for students with recipes costing very less and wich are cooked in max. half an hour. So if you speak germna, you should buy it. it's realy great.  thumbsup
Love, Henri

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#5 Sun 27 May 07 2:18pm

Dave Barker

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Re: Recipes for Uni Students

Jamies Dinners is full of really good, quick recipies mate.

There is a whole chapter on 5 min meals

All the best

Dave B

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#6 Sun 27 May 07 5:43pm


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Re: Recipes for Uni Students

Geoff, am sure I have that book by the French prof. I think he wrote a short series. Bought them 10+ years ago from our Antiquarian cook book seller (sadly, now retired).

Will try to hunt it out. Like you, am preparing to move and have packed up most of my "not so often used" books. Have a feeling it's/they are in there, though.

Will do my best. Otherwise, the advice you have been given is very sound. Try to find time to do a cookup on the weekend- stews, curries, soup, rice etc. Divide them into meal-size proportions and freeze (if you can) as Susanne suggested. Makes for hassle free dinners. Try to vary the meals- make a batch of two (or more) different things so you don't have seven days of the same recipe.

Good luck!

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#7 Mon 11 Jun 07 11:46pm


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Re: Recipes for Uni Students

Does anyone know the recipe of  CHOCOLATE-RICOTTA-AUBERGINES?
Jamie has cooked that after Gennaros recipe and I don`t remember the ingredients.
Thanks for help!

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#8 Tue 12 Jun 07 12:57am


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Re: Recipes for Uni Students

Baked Aubergines in Chocolate
Recipe courtesy Jamie Oliver
Show:      Oliver's Twist
Episode:      Chocoholic
Baked Aubergines in Chocolate
The copyright of this recipe is owned by Jamie Oliver. All rights of the owner are reserved and asserted including the right to be attributed as the author. Unauthorised copying, adapting, display or re-publication of this recipe (or any part of this recipe) in any material form is strictly prohibited.

This is an Italian pudding taught to me by my great friend Gennaro Contaldo – aubergines with chocolate sounds a bit strange, but it tastes fantastic. For this recipe my mate at the Chocolate Society in London recommended a 64 percent Maujari chocolate, which is made from a different bean to the 70 percent chocolate. If you can't get this, use best-quality cooking chocolate (70 percent cocoa solids).

12 finger aubergines, washed

Chocolate sauce:
5 tablespoons brandy
17 ounces (500ml) double cream
8 ounces (200 grams) best-quality cooking chocolate (70 percent cocoa solids), finely chopped
3 tablespoons sugar

8 ounces (225 grams) ricotta cheese
4 ounces (115 grams) candied fruits, roughly chopped
1 tablespoon sugar
4 ounces (115 grams) best-quality cooking chocolate (70 percent cocoa solids), chopped

Fresh raspberries, to serve

Fill a saucepan with boiling water and place a bamboo steamer over it. Place the aubergines in a single layer in the steamer, put a lid on, and steam for about 5 minutes until softened. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

To prepare the chocolate sauce, simmer the brandy on a high heat, pour in the cream and turn off the heat. Once the cream is tepid, add the chocolate and sugar and stir in until it is all melted.

Prepare the filling by mixing the ricotta with the candied fruits. Sweeten with the sugar and mix in the chocolate.

Run a knife along each aubergine to create a pocket (do not cut all the way through), then open out and fill with the ricotta. Fill each aubergine and arrange in a serving dish with the stalks sticking out. Whisk the chocolate sauce, pour over the aubergines (not covering the stalks), and chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

To serve, spoon onto a plate and serve with fresh raspberries.

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#9 Tue 12 Jun 07 11:03pm


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Re: Recipes for Uni Students

Hallo Geoffp!
Many thanks for your quickly and exactly explanation and information,
Greetings gitti

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#10 Wed 13 Jun 07 4:12am


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Re: Recipes for Uni Students

Quick marinated lambs liver with vegetable couscous
(You can do thus in 15 mins from scratch)

150gm Lambs liver
bunch mint
1 clove garlic
4 tbs olive oil
1 tblsp lemon juice or a squeeze of lemon

100 gm couscous
1 carrot
1/2 onion
1/2 stick celery
1/2 red pepper
2 tblsp frozen or fresh peas
1 ripe tomato
1 chili, deseeded & chopped.
1 clove garlic crushed
2 tblsp olive oil
1 Tblsp lemon juice.

Salt & pepper to taste


Wash liver in water with a squeeze of lemon juice. Chop 1/2 mint, crush garlic, mix with olive oil & lemon juice and set aside in a bowl. Slice liver 1/2" thick and cut roughly into 1" x 2" pieces, add tobowl & mix well. Cover and put aside.

Put a kettle on to boil. Chop all veg into pea sized pieces - keep separate. In a small saucepan, heat the oil, and throw in the onion, celery and pepper and chili. Fry, stirring, for 1 minute. Add peas & tomato, stir fry another minute, until peas defrosted and all warm. lower heat and pour in couscous, stirring for another minute.

Put a heavy based frying pan on a high heat.

Pour 100ml of boiling water over couscous, stir with a fork, cover and take off the heat.

Pour marinated liver into hot frying pan - spread out and cook for 1 minute only, turn the pieces of liver over, then switch off the heat and cover the pan.

Check that the couscous has absorbed all the water - if not, wait up to 2 mins more. Fluff with a fork, add lemon juice, then spoon onto plate. top with liver, pour over pan juices and scatter a few mint leaves over.


Liver is great for student meals - cheap, nutritious, delicious, freezes well and cooks in minutes. Any liver will do - chicken is almost instant cook, lamb 2 mins, pig 5 mins, ox 10 mins max.

Couscous is a great standby - ready in just 5 mins, and can be eaten hot or cold. Bulgur wheat is also good for this - and both can be used as a quick substitute for rice.

Cutting veg small means they cook really quickly - or can be eaten raw in a salad. Quickly pre-frying the veg helps to preserve the vitamin content, especially if you cook in little water, which is not thrown away.

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